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Park Sung Hoon will soon grace the screen on You Quiz on the Block, airing on the 1st of next month. In a preview released by tvN, the actor, known for his role as the menacing antagonist in Queen of Tears, opens up about his challenging journey.

Host Yoo Jae Suk hailed him as “the hottest actor of our time,” sparking laughter with a jest that he “appears too wicked on screen.” Fellow host Cho Se Ho inquired about the difficulty of playing a villain, to which Park jokingly asks if Cho is implying he is naturally villainous, causing a moment of humor-infused tension.

The conversation also touched on Queen of Tears, which consistently broke viewership records. Park shared, “While the show is dearly loved, I’m on the receiving end of quite the hate. I get comments like ‘Get lost already’ and ‘Let’s have a showdown.’” He humorously added that he recently got a playful smack from a restaurant auntie.

Describing Kim Ji Won, Park called her “a leader type.” Known as a horoscope app enthusiast, he recounted an exchange with Kim Soo Hyun who teased him about his beliefs in such apps, saying, “Don’t believe it too much,” to which Park told him to try it out for himself. Kim Soo Hyun’s reaction to the app will be revealed in the broadcast.

When asked about his real personality, Park confessed, “I’m a real scaredy-cat. Until I was discharged, I slept with the lights on because I was afraid of ghosts.” He also dabbed on his dire financial struggles during high school, saying, “I was so poor I couldn’t even afford a burger and had to squat on the stairs waiting for my friends.”

He continued, “For over seven years, I lived in a semi-basement like the one in the movie ‘Parasite.’ When I first got leave after enlisting, I called my mother to tell her I was coming home, and she asked, ‘Can’t you just not come?’” Overwhelmed by the memories, Park wiped away tears during the interview.

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