I know some of us have become fans of K-Dramas during this time, Corona sucks! and it happens that after watching too many of these conflict-filled series, from 16 to 24 episodes, you can’t help but get tired of them. Well, that’s good, I have some very interesting online dramas to offer you!

These will be very interesting for you who are looking for refreshments that do not require a lot of time and commitment to watch hours of episodes. Although I’m not an expert in web dramas, I have some recommendations for you.

  • Top Management (매니지먼트)

5 best Kdramas available on Youtube K-Sélection

Starring Seo Eun Soo, Ahn Hyo Seop and florist Cha Eun Woo, this mini-drama from Youtube Originals takes you behind the scenes of the K-Pop industry, especially the life of a boy group, and I can tell you that it’s quite interesting!

Adapted from a novel by Jang Woo San and having only 16 episodes lasting 20 to 43 minutes, the story focuses on a boy group (SOUL) and its manager, a former girl idol, capable of take a peek into the future. From training to performing to scandals, you know every aspect of the K-Pop world. I just discovered that the episode titles were named after K-Pop hits! I would like to point out that I knew nothing about the world of K-Pop when I watched this series, it looks like I need to watch it again.

Try to watch it with pleasure, it’s almost a real story, except of course the manager who plans everything.

  • A-TEEN (에이틴)

5 best Kdramas available on Youtube K-Sélection

Starring Shin Ye Eun, Shin Seung Ho, and many newbie actors and actresses like Kim Dong Hee who is very successful now and APRIL’s Lee Na Eun, it is one of the most popular online dramas but I didn’t know it yet. I was a little late but I think it’s great! This online drama from Playlist Global is themed around a typical high school story with lots of glitter and a cherry on top! I swear, if you haven’t watched it yet, you should.

This drama comes in two seasons, but I would recommend the first, because I’m biased towards Doha and Shiwoo, and the second had little representation of them, which is a shame. All I can say is watch it if you haven’t already! Episodes are available on YouTube.

  • Just One Bite (한입만)

5 best Kdramas available on Youtube K-Sélection

Playlist Global really has a lot of great web series and this one, starring Kim Ji In, Seo Hye Won, and Jo Hye Joo, is also super good! Even though it is very light, it covers a lot of topics such as romance, friendship, and also food as you can imagine. Food plans always appeal to me.

This online drama is also getting a second season, which isn’t as good as the first, but not bad either, but you know what they say about second seasons. The first season only has 8 episodes, each lasting 14 minutes, which is very light! Go to YouTube to watch it.

  • Not Alright, But It’s Alright하찮아도 괜찮아)

5 best Kdramas available on Youtube K-Sélection

This mini drama, which stars So Joo Yeon, Kim Han Na and Song Geon Hee, chronicles the life of Kim Ji An, who has just started her job at an advertising agency.

Professional life isn’t easy, and it’s not pleasant, but that’s okay. See what I did? For those who are curious about professional life, at least the professional life of Korean society, this mini drama is not to be missed. It only has 10 episodes with only 10 minutes running time and you can watch it, again, on Playlist Global.

  • Miss Independent Ji Eun (세상잘사는지은씨)

5 best Kdramas available on Youtube K-Sélection

This mini drama, starring Park Gyu Young and Jung Eui Jae, depicts the life of Miss Ji Eun, who has just joined the company, leading the life of an employee for her very first job. It addresses everyday issues in a young woman’s life and advice is given at the end of each episode as a bonus and I think it’s very practical. This online series has no shortage of romance, which means you’ll always be treated to the sweetness of small pleasures.

With only 8 10-minute episodes, this Goofy K-Drama has a sequel that also tells the story of another Miss Ji Eun and her life in college. FYI, the name Ji Eun is one of the most common girl’s names in Korea, so yes, there are a lot of Ji Euns. I totally recommend both seasons, that doesn’t happen often right?

I know they’re old because they’re all a few years old, but I promise you they’re GOLD! I only want to continue, but I also want to keep it short so I’ll stop there. I hope you will spend some time watching these Kdramas online and have a nice, relaxing time!

By the way, which of the dramas on this list is your favorite?