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There are reports that EXID member Hani and her boyfriend of four years, Yang Jae Woong, are getting married this year.

The news emerged in media outlets that the couple is planning a September wedding. While Hani’s representative Sublime Artist Agency declined to comment on her personal life, there hasn’t been any confirmation or denial from the couple themselves either.

Hani, who debuted in 2011 as part of EXID, has seen her career flourish. The group initially struggled, but rose to fame in 2014 thanks to a viral fancam of Hani performing their song “Up And Down.”

Hani has also been actively pursuing acting, recently starring in the K-drama “Call It Love” with Kim Young Kwang, Lee Sung Kyung, Sung Joon, Kim Ye Won, and Jun Suk Ho.

She is also known for being one of the leads of the K-dramas “Hit the Spot,” “Idol: The Coup,” “You Raise Me Up,” “How to Be Thirty,” and more.

Fans can expect to see her continue participating in EXID’s activities as well. The group was recently seen at the Korea University Festival.

Yang Jae Woong, on the other hand, works as a psychiatrist. He’s also a familiar face on Korean television, having appeared as a panelist on shows like “Young Doctors,” “Master in the House Season 2,” “Heart Signal Season 3,” and more.

Who is Hani?

She debuted as a member of EXID on February 16, 2012 with the group’s first digital single “Holla”.

On May 12, Banana Culture released a statement, revealing that the EXID’s members contracts would expire at the end of May, adding that Jeonghwa and Hani decided not to renew them. It was also reported that despite not continuing with the company, the group would not disband, but would enter in a hiatus until the members who left had the opportunity to have their own individual careers. The group made a comeback on May 15, with the mini album We.

On May 30, Jeonghwa and Hani published a letter each to fans, confirming their departure from the company after the end of the “Me & You” promotions.

On October 11, it was confirmed that Hani signed with Sublime Artist Agency for an exclusive contract.