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When fans think of K-pop, they may be stuck behind the idea of mainstream idol groups and flashy rappers who deliver one or two stunning lines before handing the mic over to their members. However, Korea has an entire rap scene of its own filled with unique rhythms and sounds that deserve more attention under the dazzling stage spotlights.

One unique rapper is BewhY (Lee Byoung Yoon), who is a member of the $exy $treet & Yello Music crew and is known for his taking first place on Show Me The Money 5. What may even surprise people more is his devout belief in Christianity. After serving two years as a Marine due to Korea’s mandatory enlistment, BewhY returned in mid-2023 and is ready to be more involved in the music scene again.

Despite his last single “Side by Side” in 2020, BewhY is actively promoting his comeback “Holy Toast.” Despite mainly appearing as a judge on Show Me The Money, BewhY still rocks the stage and doesn’t let people forget how he earned the crown. Now, BewhY took the time to chat with us and shared stories from his career and personal life in this exclusive interview!

Q. It’s been a while since you returned to the stage after military service. How does it feel to come back and perform with new artists and faces on the stage now?

BewhY: “It may be surprising but even when I was in the military, I still performed on many stages for free. But of course, the stage where you get paid is the best to perform. I never performed with idols before, but I plan to make new work and perform again.”

Q. You participated as a feature in Dynamic Duo’s 10th full-length album. What did you enjoy about working together with them?

BewhY: “Dynamic Duo (Choiza and Gaeko) will always be Korean Hip-Hop heroes to me. They are like my big brothers not only in music but also in real life. I still learn a lot from them and they always give answers when I seek their wisdom. Working with them is an honor every time. Please check out our tracks.”

Q. Who else would you like to collaborate with in 2024?

BewhY: “There are many artists I could work with but I want to work with C Jam.”

If you don’t know, C Jamm is another talented rapper in Korea known for being the runner-up (behind BewhY) in Show Me The Money 5. It seems like real respect to acknowledge his opponent and friend again in an interview.

Q. How do you try to maintain and upgrade your rap skills and style these days?

BewhY: “My rap skills were greatly influenced by black gospel and funk sessions. So I still listen to this genre frequently.”

Q. Your last track “Holy Toast” had an impressive melody and deep lyrics. How are you inspired by religion in your work?

BewhY: ”I always said faith led me to the crown (winning Show Me The Money 5). I receive inspiration when I live as a believer outside of religion. My life experiences are in the song.”

Q. What do you think about K-pop idol rappers?

BewhY: “I like them, so I want to work together with K-pop idols and rappers too.”

Q. What are your proudest moments in your career?

BewhY: “There are many things to be proud of but I’m proud of my marriage and my daughter. Being a father.”

Q. Have you ever revisited the Korean underground rap scene? How do you think the Korean rap scene has changed while BewhY was away?

BewhY: “It’s difficult to answer the question directly about the underground rap scene. Actually, it doesn’t seem like much has changed while I was away in the military. In some ways, the end of Show Me the Money may have been the biggest change for me.”

Credit: Dejavu Group

Before BewhY signed off from our exclusive interview, he had one thing to say to his fans – some words to assure them that he is ready for his comeback.

BewhY: “Even though I am in the middle of raising a child, I have never neglected my work. I will bring back something more innovative than before, compared to my previous work. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the fans who have been waiting for me as well. I would like to give it my all and show you. Thank you.”

There you have it – another fun and successful interview with a talented artist in Korea. BewhY is one of the many spectacular rappers Korea has to offer and I believe it will not be the last time our fans hear about him. What do you think of his heavenly rap style? Don’t forget to follow BewhY on social media and check out our pages for more exclusive interviews and content too!

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