Episode 11 of “Lovely Runner” which aired on May 13, achieved a viewership rating of 5,7% in the Seoul area, with a real-time peak of 6,5%, and a viewership nationally by 4,7%, with a peak at 5,4%. Among the target age group of 20-49, the K-drama recorded a rating of 3,4% in Seoul, peaking at 3,8%, and 3,3% nationally, with a peak at 3,6%, ranking in first position among all programs and all channels combined, for the sixth consecutive week.

Episode 11 of 'Lovely Runner' Achieves Considerable Viewership K-Selection

Episode 11 describes the tender and affectionate meeting between Ryu Sun-jae, who has finally discovered the date of his death, and Im Sol, who must soon return to the future. After confirming their feelings for each other, they only have one month together. Ryu Sun-jae then said to Im Sol: “Every second counts for me now. Let’s not hide our feelings and enjoy every moment. » He adds : “When you go back, I’ll meet you there.” I will run to you in 2023”, thus promising his eternal love.

After this promise to meet again in the future, they begin to savor their sweet moments together. Ryu Sun-jae saves Im Sol’s name in his phone as “Sol♡” and places his number at the top of the speed dial list. In order to remain attractive for 15 years, he also began to use beauty masks. They buy matching phones and take classes together. Im Sol declares his love for him by saying: “Don’t run away, just love me, okay?” », then she makes a wish while watching the petals fall, saying: “May we be happy together for a long time. » However, their families discover their secret relationship through a misunderstanding, which abruptly separates them.

Episode 11 of 'Lovely Runner' Achieves Considerable Viewership K-Selection

Detective Kim tracks down serial killer Kim Young-soo based on clues provided by Im Sol. After collecting all the surveillance footage, Detective Kim tracks the white truck’s movements and discovers that the killer is planning his next crime. Detective Kim leads an operation in a dilapidated shop in the countryside and succeeds in arresting Kim Young-soo. However, the final scene shocked many viewers by showing the killer’s handcuffs falling to the ground.

Meanwhile, Ryu Sun-jae gives his final performance with “ECLIPSE” as a guest vocalist. Hearing Ryu Sun-jae singing “Sudden Shower,” a song he composed for “ECLIPSE,” Im Sol burst into tears. Due to the scene involving Kim Young-soo, fans are wondering what the future holds for Ryu Sun-jae and Im Sol.