Enhypen’s Jay has teamed up with Japanese rock band GLAY to release the single “whodunit-GLAY×JAY(ENHYPEN) / Share” on May 29th as part of GLAY’s 30th anniversary.

Jay will be featuring on the single’s lead track “whodunit-GLAY × JAY(ENHYPEN)” and is also responsible for writing the lyrics, the singer’s label Belift Lab announced on Thursday.

This is the first time that the Enhypen member has written lyrics in Japanese. He is said to have written the lyrics for ‘Sweet Venom’, the lead track of the band’s fifth EP ‘Orange Blood’.

For the 30th anniversary of our debut, we decided that we would produce a song worthy of the new start of GLAY’s career,” said Glay’s guitarist and leader Takuro in Belift Lab’s press release.

“We got to know Jay, his voice and his passion for Rock […] and pushed to collaborate with him because we thought we would have an interesting chemistry”.

Jay said in the press release that it was an “honour” to be part of the production of GLAY’s album.

“It was a special experience to write lyrics for and record music with the members of GLAY,” said the singer. “He continued: “I sang my best, hoping to reach the hearts of many people.

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