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K-pop idols enjoy immense love from their global fandoms, but they also suffer from excessive interference and obsessive attention from fans that cross the line.

NCT’s Renjun Exposes Malicious Comments

NCT’s Renjun took to a fan communication platform to share a malicious message he received from a fan, expressing his distress.

The message included the statement, “Idols have it too easy,” along with disparaging remarks about his appearance and skills. Renjun responded strongly, saying, “Don’t hide like a rat and type away. If you have something to say, do it with lawyers involved.”

He also posted a message on the platform, addressing the issue of malicious comments. Renjun said, “Idols are people too. We feel pain.” He urged fans to “Get a life and stop worrying about people you don’t know. If you have time for that, learn to calm down and relax. Don’t take your anger out on others.”

BoA Considers Retirement Amidst Malicious Comments

BoA also spoke out against malicious comments, even mentioning retirement. On April 6th, she took to social media to state, “Now that my contract is ending, I guess I can retire, right?”

On April 7th, she wrote, “My contract ends on December 31st, 2025. Until then, I will do my best as singer BoA. Don’t worry.”

Although there has been no official statement, BoA’s words are seen as hinting at her retirement next year, when her contract with SM Entertainment ends.

On March 29th, BoA responded strongly to criticism about her appearance, saying, “If I don’t pay attention to how I look, you all say I’m not trying. If I do, you all say I’ve gone too far. When I’m lean, you tell me to gain weight. When I gain weight, you call me a pig. I don’t know what you look like, but don’t waste your time like that. I’m sorry, but I’m BoA.”

Previously in an interview on March 30th, she also said, “I’ve been living like The Truman Show‘s protagonist since I debuted at 13. Many people think of celebrities as targets for their anger. The ‘idols shouldn’t do this’ kind of attitude makes me feel suffocated. Idols are people too. I wish people would respect us as humans.”

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Kim Jae Joong Calls Out Sasaeng Fans and Taxis

Back in February, Kim Jae Joong slammed sasaeng fans and their tactics, specifically “sasaeng taxis.” Sasaeng fans are notorious for their obsessive behavior, often invading the privacy of Korean celebrities. Sasaeng taxis are a particularly troubling method these fans use to follow idols around.

Kim Jae Joong took to social media, venting his frustration: “Every turn, there are sasaeng taxis waiting. The drivers claim they have to chase because their customers demand it. You’re profiting by crushing someone’s precious time and emotions, and it’s like you’re running some kind of twisted operation in the car with your radios!”

He continued, sending a strong message: “Times have changed. Yesterday, I filmed all six of those vehicles, dash cam footage included. And I won’t stop there. I hope you face serious consequences for collecting personal information.”

As a member of TVXQ since December 2003, Kim Jae Joong has endured sasaeng fan harassment for over two decades. He’s spoken out about it before, but this time, he’s taking action against their relentless behavior.

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