Block B’s Zico will be sitting out Yonsei University’s Akaraka Festival due to laryngitis.

On May 26, KOZ Entertainment announced that Zico had developed a vocal cord infection and would not be able to perform at the “Akaraka Festival with Alumni” event scheduled for later that day at Yonsei University.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

Hello. This is KOZ Entertainment.

We are making an announcement regarding Zico’s health and schedule.

While practicing yesterday, Zico noticed something unusual about the condition of his throat and went to the hospital to be diagnosed. After a thorough examination, he was diagnosed with a vocal cord infection, and in accordance with the doctor’s opinion that he needs rest and recovery, he will not be partcipating in Yonsei University’s “Akaraka Festival with Alumni” scheduled for today (May 26). We ask for the generous understanding of Yonsei University’s alumni and [Zico’s] fans.

We plan to manage our artist’s schedule with his health as our top priority, and we will do our utmost for our artist’s treatment and recovery so that Zico can promote in good health.

Thank you.

Wishing Zico a speedy recovery!

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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews