tvN’s upcoming drama “Serendipity’s Embrace” has shared new stills ahead of its premiere!

Based on the popular webtoon, “Serendipity’s Embrace” will tell the story of young people finding true love and their dreams after accidentally running into their first love from 10 years ago. Kim So Hyun stars as Lee Hong Joo, an animation producer who is afraid of love due to painful memories from her previous relationship—and who undergoes an unexpected change after running into Kang Hoo Young (Chae Jong Hyeop), who witnessed some of her lowest moments from her past.

The newly released stills provide a glimpse into the characters who dynamically fill Lee Hong Joo’s daily life: Bang Joon Ho (Yun Ji On), a free-spirited writer who wants to turn back time to correct his past choices, and Kim Hye Ji (Dasom), Lee Hong Joo’s decade-long best friend and an English teacher who is sincere about love.

Nineteen-year-old Lee Hong Joo becomes sincere in love because of Bang Joon Ho, whose novel “My Avant-garde Him” stirred her heart, making her his No. 1 fan. However, the stills depict the now 29-year-old Lee Hong Joo looking cynical and cold towards Bang Joon Ho’s smile. How did Lee Hong Joo transform from someone who once believed that love was the only way for humans to survive into a love skeptic?

Other stills highlight the decade-long friendship between Lee Hong Joo and Kim Hye Ji. Whenever they meet, they chatter endlessly as if they were back in their school days. Kim Hye Ji’s reactions as she listens to Lee Hong Joo’s stories, ranging from excitement to serious empathy, show the profound bond and understanding between them.

Kim So Hyun shared her thoughts on working with Yun Ji On, saying, “In real life, I’m actually close with Yun Ji On. However, due to our characters’ relationship, we kept our distance on set to immerse ourselves in our characters.”

Regarding her chemistry with Dasom, Kim So Hyun remarked, “We became best friends even before filming started. Thanks to that, I believe the drama captured not only our natural chemistry as friends but also our strong, family-like bond.”

“Serendipity’s Embrace” premieres on July 22 at 8:40 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

In the meantime, check out a teaser below!

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