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YOUNG POSSE (영파씨) is a girl group under a South Korean company DSP Media along with Beats Entertainment. The group consists of: Sunhye, Yeonjung, Jiana, Doeun and Jieun. They debuted on October 18, 2023 with the mini album MACARONI CHEESE.

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Official Accounts:
Instagram: youngposseup
TikTok: @youngposseup
Twitter: youngposseup / yps_members (Members)

Dorm Arrangements:
Jiana & Doeun

Members Profile:

Stage Name: Sunhye (선혜)
Birth Name: Jeong Sunhye (정선혜)
Position: Leader
Birthday: April 12, 2004
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:

Sunhye Facts:
– Some things she likes are her dog, winter, the color yellow and being alone.
– She took dance classes at MOVE Dance Studio.
– Sunhye likes composing and writing songs.
– Her English name is Millow. (Source)
– She is allergic to cats.
– Sunhye wrote their debut title song “Macaroni Cheese” when she was at a composition class and saw a macaroni cheeseburger poster. She thought about it so much throughout the class she started writing about it.
– Her dog’s name is Ttori.
– Sunhye’s favorite foods are miyeok-guk and beef.
– A few songs in her playlists are “Water (Remix) (ft. Travis Scott)” by Tyla, “7am in Ohio” by Trippie Redd and “Too much (ft. Central Cee & The Kid Laroi)” by Jungkook.
– She is a big fan of BOBBY (iKON)
– Hashtags she uses to describe herself are #Sun, #StraightBob, and #Ttori.


Stage Name: Yeonjung (연정)
Birth Name: Wi Yeonjung (위연정)
Position: Main Dancer, Rapper
Birthday: September 1, 2004
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 162 cm (5’4″)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoji: 🐰

Yeonjung Facts:
– Her parents forced her to dance when she was younger, but she later fully enjoyed it.
– She grew up listening to LOVE SCENARIO by iKON
– Some things she likes are ribbons, bows, cats, pink games, heels, and Hello Kitty.
– Her playlist consists of PinkPantheress “Boy’s A Liar (ft. Ice Spice”), Doja Cat and Summer Walker.
– She can move and dance very easily in long heels
– Yeonjung’s strength is that she likes different styles.
– A few hashtags she uses to describe herself are #Wi, #Pink, and #Yo.


Stage Name: Jiana (지아나)
Birth Name: Noh Jihyun (노지현)
English Name: Olivia Noh
 Main Vocalist
Birthday: February 2, 2006
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:

Jiana Facts:
– She was born in Busan, South Korea.
– Jiana graduated middle school a year early.
– She started training when she was 14.
– Jiana is close to LE SSERAFIM‘s Hong Eunchae.
– She attended Hanlim Multi Art School (Department of Musical).
– Jiana is allergic to cats and dogs.
– She has an older sister and an older brother.
– Jiana speaks English and Korean.
– Some things she likes are Christmas perfumes, butterflies, the color purple, puppies, strawberries, peaches, dinosaur toys, ribbon point and capybaras.
– She was a Source Music and Fantagio trainee.
– Jiana describes herself as the refreshing and lively vitamin C of the group.
– Her first dream job was being a comedian. Her second dream job was to be a musical actress.
– When she was in elementary school, she watched Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream Cake” music video and starting dreaming of performing on stage.
– She passed the audition for Beats Entertainment on October 13, 2021.
– Jiana took dance/vocal classes at Pick Planet Academy.
– Her playlist consists of Cinderella‘s “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”, Ariana Grande’s “sweetener”, Fujii Kaze’s “Garden” and f(x)‘s “미행 (Shadow)”


Stage Name: Doeun (도은)
Birth Name: Kim Doeun (김도은)
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
 December 24, 2007
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
Blood Type:
MBTI Type: INTP-T (Used to be ENFP)
Representative Emoji: 🐸

Doeun Facts:
– A couple of things she likes are giraffes, the color green, being together, herbal medicine, digestion medicine, Christmas, air fryers, red bean & dried persimmon, cooking, and gingko trees.
– Her nickname is Godgi (Baby Giraffe).
– Doeun is very good at skateboarding
– She attends Dongguk Girls’ High School.
– Her toes are really long and she can grab things easily with them
– Doeun is the tallest in the group, which is why she says she’s the giraffe of the group.
– When she was younger, she would watch the anime Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live.
– Her playlist consists of Trolls World Tour‘s “Trolls Wanna Have Good Times”, DAY6’s “예뻤어 (You Were Beautiful)” and Richard Sanderson’s “Reality”.
– She said that only her and Jieun know the latest memes
– Two hashtags she would use to describe herself are #Ice! (Her killing part in “Macaroni Cheese”) and #Dorin.
– Doeun’s strengths are being a great cook, not having to draw eyebrows and having hands that are always motivated to do something.


Stage Name: Jieun (지은)
Birth Name: Han Jieun (한지은)
Position: Vocalist, Dancer, Maknae
 November 5, 2009
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Bull
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:
Representative Emoji: 🦊

Jieun Facts:
– Jieun says her strengths are being bright, having lots of charm, having a noticeable height difference and being the one to approach people first.
– She took dance classes at VIVID ACADEMIA.
– Her favorite food is charcoal grilled dakbal.
– Jieun says she can eat level 3 spicy malatang.
– A couple of things she likes are cats, accessories, hats, disinfectant wipes, fruit infusers, YOUNG POSSE, and dancing.
– Her playlist consists of Ariana Grande’s “my hair”, NIKI‘s “indigo and Meenoi‘s “살랑살랑 (Salang Salang)”.
– Jieun calls herself a dancing machine because she dances a lot during random moments
– Some hashtags she uses to describe herself are #Hamster, #Fox, #Maknae, #Happy and #Jingni.

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Position Confirmations: Sunhye: X, Yeonjung: X, Jiana: X, Doeun: X, Jieun: X.

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