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Yoon Seobin (윤서빈) is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor under Peace Angels Company. He made his acting debut in 2020. He debuted as a singer on December 14, 2021 with the special single “Starlight“.

Official Fandom Name: Juniper
Official Fan Color:

Stage Name: Yoon Seobin (윤서빈)
Birth Name: Yoon Byung Hwi (윤병휘), but changed to Yoon Seo Bin (윤서빈)
Birthday: December 14, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 176 cm (5’9”)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @seobin.1214
Twitter: @Official_Seobin
YouTube: 윤서빈 (Yoon Seobin)
TikTok: @seobin.1214
VLIVE: 윤서빈 (Yoon Seobin)

Yoon Seobin Facts:
— Birthplace: South Korea
— Education: Mujin Middle School, Pungam High School 
— Hobbies: Reading, singing, contemporary dance
— Seobin changed his name, because his birth name, Byunghwi, was hard to pronounce. 
— Seobin was a contestant on Produce X 101, but left the show before the elimination rounds due to bullying rumors.
— Before going on Produce X 101, he had trained for a year and 7 months.
— Seobin was able to have the Number 1 seat, so he was given the opportunity for a PR (public relations) video for the end of EP.1 of Produce X 101.
— On Produce X 101, Seobin’s listed talents were singing and modern dance. 
— He is a former SM and JYP Entertainment trainee.
— He was previously an artist under Sublime Artist Agency.
— He held his first fanmeeting, Miracle, in December of 2019.
— Seobin made his acting debut in ‘The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning’, playing the character Yoon Jaebum.
— He collaborated with Thunder on the single ‘5 Seconds Before The Explosion’.
— He would leave high school in Grade 11 due to being casted by SM Entertainment.
— He played supporting roles in ‘The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning’ and ‘Not Found Love’ . His first lead role would be in ‘Kissable Lips’, playing Choi Minhyun.
— Seobin starred in the BL web drama ‘Kissable Lips’ alongside Kim Jiwoong, and is set to star with him in upcoming BL ‘The Circumstances of Pungdeok Villa Room 304’ .
— He had sung OSTs for Touch Me If You Can, Summer Guys and Kissable Lips before making his debut as a soloist.
— Seobin found it harder to express emotion in the songs for Kissable Lips than to portray emotions for the character of Minhyun.
— Seobin took part in the writing and composing of his special single ‘Starlight’.
— Seobin was featured in LimJi’s ‘So Bad’ MV.
— For anyone who doesn’t know Seobin, he would say: “I am an actor and singer based in Korea. My recent work includes the drama Kissable Lips, and in December 2021, my first single called Starlight was released.”
— He has a YouTube channel where he regularly uploads vlogs and behind-the-scenes content.
— Seobin’s special talent is being able to wiggle his thumbs.
— He wants to play more diverse roles, act, and do various activities as a singer.
— His favorite drama is ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’.
— His favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate.
— His favorite beverage is apple juice.
— What Kissable Lips taught Seobin: “I felt that likes and dislikes should be respected in accepting differences, and as an actor, I tried to focus on the character as much as possible. I tried to convey my sincerity and many viewers sympathized with the character, so I learned the power of sincerity.”
— In 2019, former classmates of Seobin would come out and accuse him of being a bully in his school days, and would also share photos of him drinking and smoking underage. Whereas the drinking and smoking were true, he has stated that he had no record of violence in school. Former classmates have said that he was an athlete, and had a strong and intimidating appearance, but was never violent.

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