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Yoo Ah In, currently facing trial for drug abuse charges, has returned to the public eye with his latest Netflix series, Goodbye Earth, sparking significant attention and mixed reactions.

On the 26th, Netflix globally released its new original series Goodbye Earth. Originally slated for a 2023 release, the series was delayed due to Yoo Ah In’s drug scandal. Despite the controversy surrounding one of its lead actors, Netflix decided to proceed with the release, allowing the efforts of the cast and crew to reach the audience.

In the series, Yoo Ah In portrays Yoon Sang, a talented researcher working in a U.S. laboratory who could’ve escaped an impending asteroid collision but returns to the danger zone in Korea to be with his love, Sae Kyung (Ahn Eun Jin). His role as Ahn Eun Jin’s counterpart ensures that he has considerable screen time, particularly in the latter half of the series.

Credit: Netflix

With his recent drug charges still pending trial, Yoo Ah In attended his fourth hearing on April 16th. Many viewers have expressed disappointment over the show’s release before the results of the trial are even out. Even before the release, people shared their frustrations with comments like “What’s the point of hiding him from the posters and teasers?” Conversely, some viewers supported Netflix’s decision to release the series, stating, “We can’t let one person’s scandal affect all the others,” and, “I was looking forward to Ahn Eun Jin’s performance.”

After the show’s release, opinions remain divided. Some viewers praised Yoo Ah In’s performance despite his controversy, saying, “Besides the drug charges, he’s one hell of an actor,” and, “Without the scandal, this could have been the role of his career.”

Ultimately, the reception reflects a diverse range of opinions, from those who are unable to separate Yoo Ah In’s personal controversy from his professional work to those who believe his strong performance overshadows the ongoing scandal.


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