YG Entertainment has teased that a 2NE1 reunion may be in the works!

Earlier this week, YG Entertainment confirmed reports that all four of the 2NE1 members were scheduled to meet with executive producer Yang Hyun Suk. However, the agency declined to provide further details at the time.

On June 28, YG Entertainment officially announced that the previous day, the four 2NE1 members had shared an “extremely meaningful” conversation with Yang Hyun Suk for approximately two hours during an official meeting.

The agency stated, “As this was producer Yang [Hyun Suk] and the 2NE1 members’ first conversation in eight years, although no concrete plans have been made, Yang—who has particular affection for 2NE1—listened to the members’ requests and empathized with them, so we are looking forward to being able to convey good news to the fans soon.”

Are you excited to potentially see 2NE1 make their long-awaited comeback?

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