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YESUNG (예성) is a South Korean singer and actor. He is also a member of the South Korean boy group SUPER JUNIOR.

Fandom Name: Cloud

Official Accounts:
Instagram: yesung1106 /  yesung_jp_official
Threads: @yesung1106
Twitter: shfly3424YESUNG_smtown
TikTok: @yesung003
YouTube: 예세이 Yessay | SUPER JUNIOR YESUNG

Stage Name: YESUNG (예성 / イェソン)
Birth Name: Kim Kanghoon (김강훈)
English Name: Jerome Kim
Position: Main Vocalist
August 24th, 1984
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)
Blood Type: AB

– He lived in Seoul, South Korea until he was 10, and then moved to Cheonan, South Chungcheong, South Korea.
– He became a trainee at SM after auditioning in 2001.
– YESUNG has a very emotive and artistic singing voice.
– His stage name means “vocal cords of an artist”.
– Kim Jongjin is the name of his younger brother.
– YESUNG owns a cafe with his brother called “Mouse Rabbit Coffee”.
– Him and Jongjin performed ‘너 아니면 안돼 (It Has to Be You)‘ together in June 2022. (Video)
– His mother changed his name from Kim Jongwoon (김종운) to Kim Jonghoon (김종훈) because she thought it would bring him bad luck, as it means “thunderstorm cloud”.
– In May 2022, he changed his birth name from Kim Jonghoon (김종훈) to Kim Kanghoon (김강훈).
– YESUNG is under LABEL SJ, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment, established by SUPER JUNIOR.
– He made his acting debut in 2007 with the drama “Attack of The Pin-Up Boys“.
– YESUNG made his solo debut on April 19th, 2016 with the album ‘Here I Am‘.
– After collapsing from running 70 km in a charity marathon, he had to be hospitalized.
– In 2008 he fell off a 1.5 meter stage and had to be hospitalized for 2 days.
– One of YESUNG’s nicknames is YeSex which was given to him by Kim Junho in 2008. (Source)
– He once dated someone who cheated on him with more than five people, he thought that she would stop with the cheating however she did not. (Source)
– His hobbies/specialties include singing, listening to music, and exercising.
– He usually doesn’t listen to sad songs as he gets depressed quickly when he does. His favorite music genres are rock, bright (medium-tempo), dance, or any songs that makes him happy.
– He once preformed ‘Ring Ding Dong‘ with SHINee on a music show, because Jonghyun was too sick to attend.
– YESUNG is a huge fan of basketball. He used to be part of the basketball team when he was in elementary school.
– His fingers & hands are small compared to the members.
– YESUNG has mentioned that he’s scared of heights.
– During a interview, he mentioned that he’s scared of big dogs and people.
– He has the same shoe size as his brother.
– His shoe size is 260-270 mm (42-43 EU size).
– YESUNG is a huge fan of Red Velvet.
– The other members like to tease and imitate him a lot.
– He practices Catholicism.
– YESUNG has two dogs; 꼬밍 (Kkoming) (a black Pomeranian) & 멜로 (Melo) (a white Pomeranian).
– He sometimes posts on his Instagram stories about stray dogs whenever they’re about to get euthanized, so that the dogs might find their forever family.
– He used to have two tortoises named Ddangkoma and Morahaji.
– In 2011, he donated his tortoise Ddangkkoma to the COEX Aquarium in Seoul.
– He appeared on the survival show, “UNDER NINETEEN ” as a vocal trainer.
– YESUNG is viewed as the most bizarre member of SUPER JUNIOR.
– He talks a lot and sometimes has to be cut off during TV shows.
– YESUNG sometimes wears glasses.
– He likes to talk to his pets when he is bored.
– He likes to touch people’s faces, particularly his members lips.
– YESUNG would love to visit Canada.
– He moves around a lot in his sleep. When staying in hotels he has a habit of waking up and sleeping in a different bed every 20 minutes.
– If he were to retire from being a singer, he would want to have a career in business.
– YESUNG enlisted in the military on May 6th, 2013, and was discharged May 4th, 2015.
– He participated in SM’s project group, SM The Ballad.
– On February 27, 2023 he dedicated a song to his mom, ‘그대에게 (Mother)‘ which is from his album, ‘Floral Sense‘.
 YESUNG’s Ideal Type: Someone with sparkly eyes and is warmhearted. Someone similar to Moon Geun Young.

2011: Cyworld Digital Music Awards : Best OST Award – “너 아니면 안돼 (It Has to Be You)
2010: BGM Cyworld : Hall of Fame, Cyworld Digital Music Awards : Song of the Month (April) – “너 아니면 안돼 (It Has to Be You)
2001: SM 청소년 베스트 선발대회 (SM Youth Best Contest) – 2nd Place
1999: 천안 가요제 (Cheonan Music Festival) – Gold

The Girl on a Bulldozer / 불도저에 탄 소녀 | 2022 – Go Yoo Seok
My Korean Teacher / いきなり先生になったボクが彼女に恋をした | 2016 – Young Un
Attack on the Pin-Up Boys / 꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건 | 2007 – Kim Ye Sung

Drama Series:
Voice 1 / 보이스 1 | OCN, 2017 – Oh Hyun Ho
Songgot: The Piercer / 송곳 | JTBC, 2015 – Hwang Joon Chul

Musical Appearances:
“South Korean Mountain Fortress” as Jung Myung-soo (2009)
“Hong Gildong” as Hong Gildong (2010)
“Spamalot” as Sir Robin (2010)
“Maybe, Happy Ending” as Oliver (2019)
“Altar Boyz” as Matthew (2018-2019)

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