Sha Pingwei came to urge Yuan Buqu to enter the palace for a banquet. After the banquet, he would be named a deputy general and replace Yuan Buqu in guarding the border in the future. Yuan Buqu would stay in the capital and serve. This made Du Bingyan very happy. In the future, she would There is no need to worry about Yuan Buqu getting injured again. Sha Pingwei invited Du Bingyan to enter the palace with them, but Du Bingyan was not qualified to attend the palace banquet, so Yuan Buqing simply asked Du Bingyan to pretend to be a maid and enter the palace with them.

At the banquet, the Empress praised Yuan BuQu for his heroic battle and defeated the enemy. As the Empress, she also prepared a reward for Yuan BuQu. She decided to reward Yuan BuQu as the Prince Consort and marry Princess Changping. Princess Changping publicly stated that she wanted to marry Sha Pingwei, but the queen said how could a dignified princess marry a nobody, and Sha Pingwei was just a pawn of Yuan Buqu. The queen gave the wedding dress and said that if Yuan Buqu accepted the wedding dress, he would be a noble prince-in-law in the future. Otherwise, he would drink the poisonous wine given.

Yuan BuQu disobeyed Yi’s decree and expressed his unwillingness to marry the princess. He also said that he had just married a new wife. Yuan BuQu did not want to divorce his wife and marry again, so he decided to drink poisoned wine. Du Bingyan showed up and knocked over the poisoned wine. The queen learned that Du Bingyan was Yuan Buqu’s newly married wife and asked her to persuade Yuan Buqu, but Du Bingyan said that the two had already vowed not to let each other down. Seeing that she could not get Yuan Buqu to divorce his wife, the Queen imprisoned Yuan Buqu and his wife for disobedience.

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After the banquet, Princess Changping went to the queen and said that she liked Shapingwei, but the queen said that one day Changping would know that love and love would disappear, and that a woman can only be protected by her husband’s status as a high-ranking official and a generous salary. As an adjutant, Sha Pingwei will be stationed at the border in the future. If a war breaks out, something unexpected will happen. Yuan Buqu is appointed as the Northern Marquis. He not only has great power in his hands, but also does not have to station at the border. Such a person is the best candidate for the princess. . The queen knew that Princess Changping was like herself back then. Over the years, she always reminded herself not to be as emotional as she was back then, because she didn’t want her daughter to make the same mistake again.

After the princess left, the queen confessed to her servants the purpose of today’s action. It turned out that the poisonous wine given to Yuan Buqu today was not really poisonous wine. She wanted to use this to test the affection between Changping and Sha Pingwei, and also wanted to take the opportunity to test. Is Yuan Buqu a man who abandoned his old wife for the sake of his future?

In order to thank Du Bingyan for his help, Li Yuhu originally wanted to make a forehead bandage with his own hands and give it to him as a wedding gift. Unfortunately, she was not good at it, so in the end it was Xiao Xi who helped to finish it. Qi Tianlei received news that Du Bingyan and Yuan Buqu were imprisoned by the queen in the capital for refusing to marry. The two decided to go to Beijing immediately to try to rescue Du Bingyan and his wife.

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Qi Tianlei, Li Yuhu and Liu Ruoqian all rushed to the capital. Although Princess Changping approached the emperor to plead for mercy on this matter, the emperor knew that the queen was doing it for her daughter’s good and was unwilling to interfere in the matter. Qi Tianlei suggested that he should find a way to visit Yuan Buqu and Du Bingyan in prison, because only two people knew the inside story. Li Yuhu learned that only the emperor and queen’s handwriting and tokens could allow them to enter the prison, and suggested that Princess Changping steal a token.

Princess Changping found the token in the queen’s bedroom and accidentally heard about the queen’s past. Back then, the queen’s lover gave her a gold-leaf lotus flower. The queen thought she had found the lover of her life, and wanted to elope with him regardless of her face and against her parents’ wishes, but she didn’t expect that person to show up. From then on, the queen believed that all men in the world were ruthless, and believed that the other party was because she wanted to enter the palace to draft a girl, so she was afraid of offending the royal family and ran away. The queen herself made a mistake in her love back then, but now she doesn’t want the princess to be carried away by her feelings. She must help her daughter find a reliable prince-in-law.

Princess Changping got the token and took Li Yuhu and others to the prison to visit Yuan Buqu and Du Bingyan. Du Bingyan was very happy to see Li Yuhu and learned that he had embroidered a wedding headband for her. She liked it very much. Yuan Buqu originally wanted to give Du Bingyan a glorious wedding ceremony, but now the two are in prison. He asked the princess, Li Yuhu and Qi Tianlei to be witnesses on the spot. He will marry Du Bingyan in prison today. Du Bingyan put on the headband sent by Li Yuhu and completed the wedding ceremony with Yuan Buqu in prison.

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Li Yuhu was moved to tears by the relationship between Yuan Buqu and Du Bingyan, saying that he would definitely find a way to rescue the two from prison. The princess thought of the old things she overheard mentioned by the queen and her nanny, and she told everyone about it. But if you want to find the betrayed man back then, the only clue is the half of a gold foil lotus in the queen’s hand. Du Bingyan remembered that she had seen the other half of a gold foil lotus flower in Liu Ruoqian’s hand, and asked Li Yuhu to tell Liu Ruoqian about it. He believed that Liu Ruoqian had made his own decision about this matter.

After Liu Ruoqian learned about this from Li Yuhu, he took the two of them to the tomb of Senior Brother Feng to pay homage. That year, a plague broke out in the southeastern coastal areas. The senior brother was ordered by his master to go down to the epidemic area to rescue the victims. In the epidemic area, he met an eldest lady from a wealthy family and made a private marriage with him for life. The senior brother originally wanted to go to the capital city where the girl lived to propose marriage after completing his apprenticeship. To show his sincerity, he personally crafted a gold foil lotus flower as a token of love. Unfortunately, things are unpredictable. The girl’s father wanted to let her enter the palace draft in exchange for family wealth. The two originally wanted to elope. They also imagined traveling all over the country to help patients all over the world.