After checking it out, Fang Xiaoqiao told Ke Shizhao that the key to the secret room was the golden hairpin in the old lady’s hand. Ke Shizhao asked Fang Xiaoqiao to help get the gold hairpin, and for this reason he did not hesitate to force Fang Xiaoqiao to poison the old lady.

    Qi Tianlei told Li Yuhu that scholars do bad things worse than anyone else, and Ke Shizhao is the kind of person who reads books about evil. Li Yuhu guessed that those crooked melons and cracked dates were because they read books about doing evil, and that Qi Tianlei was so smart because he read books that led people to do good. Qi Tianlei said that if people want to have good intentions, it takes great courage and perseverance to stick to their true intentions. Therefore, children from rich families must not be luxurious, otherwise they will easily have evil intentions.

    The old lady took advantage of the fact that the shopkeepers of the fourteen trading houses were in the house and warned them not to have selfish interests or intrigues when working in Qi House. Although she was old, she could see clearly through her glasses. Nowadays, there are both good and evil in the Qi family, and she knows it all in her heart. The old lady suddenly gasped for breath before she could finish her words. Qi Tianlei hurriedly asked Xiao Xi to help ask Liu Ruoqian to come for diagnosis and treatment. Liu Ruoqian came to check the old lady’s pulse and confirmed that the old lady had suffered a stroke. He said that the disease was still curable and prescribed some medicine for the old lady.

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    The first lady and the second lady took turns to be by the old lady’s side. Fang Xiaoqiao had no chance to get close to the old lady, let alone get the golden hairpin beside the old lady. Ke Shizhao asked Fang Xiaoqiao to find a way to separate the two ladies, and gave Fang Xiaoqiao poison to put into the old lady’s soup, so that they could get the gold hairpin and obtain the treasure. Under Ke Shizhao’s temptation and instigation, Fang Xiaoqiao finally decided to poison the old lady, but she was never able to get close to the old lady’s decoction.

    Fang Xiaoqiao then came to the old lady’s room while the second lady was about to feed the old lady the soup. She told the third young master that he had something to do with the second lady and sent him away. She took the opportunity to put the poison into the old lady’s medicine. The second lady and the old lady knew this very well, and took the opportunity to change the decoction to avoid making Fang Xiaoqiao suspicious.

    When Ke Shizhao learned that Fang Xiaoqiao had successfully poisoned him, he immediately ordered Wang Huzi to go out and assassinate Liu Ruoqian. He rushed to the old lady’s room to take away the second lady. Seeing that he and the old lady were alone in the room, Ke Shizhao no longer concealed his true face. He wanted to He took away the golden hairpin of the old lady, but the old lady suddenly woke up and caught him. The old lady accused Ke Shizhao of denying his relatives and wanted to harm his own grandmother. The old lady heard with her own ears that Ke Shizhao admitted to poisoning herself, and was even more disappointed with him. Ke Shizhao became so angry that he tied the old lady up and took away the gold hairpin.

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    Li Yuhu, who was hiding in the dark, wanted to take advantage of Ke Shizhao’s departure to rescue the old lady, but the old lady said that it was not the time yet. She had to wait for Ke Shizhao to carry out all his treacherous tricks. After he was arrested and brought to justice, the old lady asked Li Yuhu to continue hiding in the dark. Ke Shizhao called his killers to search for Qi Tianlei and Li Yuhu throughout the house, hoping to kill them as soon as possible.

    Liu Ruoqian and his wife and Qi Tianlei were dealing with the killers led by Wang Huzi in the mansion. Ke Shizhao returned to the room and told the old lady that he was dissatisfied with being just the housekeeper of the Qi Mansion and wanted to be the head of the Qi Mansion. Ke Shizhao planned to feed the poison in his hand to the old lady. At the critical moment, Li Yuhu showed up and knocked off the poison sword and pointed it at Ke Shizhao, but Ke Shizhao used the golden hairpin to hold the old lady hostage, so Li Yuhu had to endure and retreat. Ke Shizhao took the opportunity to enter the secret room with the gold hairpin, but Li Yuhu had an idea and pulled out the gold hairpin and kicked Ke Shizhao into the secret room.

    After Qi Tianlei, Liu Ruoqian and others dealt with the man in black brought by Wang Huzi, the government also came to arrest Ke Shizhao. Until this time, Ke Shizhao did not admit that he was wrong, and the old lady scolded him for his unrepentance. After Ke Shizhao was taken away by the officials, the old lady thanked Liu Ruoqian and his wife and Li Yuhu for their help. Now that everything is over, Li Yuhu admitted in public that she was not Du Bingyan, she was Li Yuhu.

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    Although she got on the wrong sedan chair to marry the right man, the old lady was angry that everyone hid the matter from her, but she didn’t expect that Li Yuhu would suddenly be happy at this time. The old lady was overjoyed and thanked Li Yuhu for bringing new hope to the Qi family. The emperor granted a marriage to Princess Changping and summoned Yuan Buqu and Sha Pingwei to appear in court. Du Bingyan arranged makeup for Yuan Buqu and entered the palace to meet the emperor. Yuan Buyi was reluctant to part with him and lamented that he had never been afraid of swords and swords in his life. Some time ago in Yangzhou, he was afraid that Du Bingyan would really remarry and go to Qi Mansion. Du Bingyan comforted Yuan BuQu that she was going to Linzhou to help Li Yuhu and would never be separated from Yuan BuQu again.