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From the thrilling beginning of Kwon Sun Yul (Cha Eun Woo) driving his car full-force towards Eun Soo Hyun (Kim Nam Joo) to the jaw-dropping press conference of Kim Jun (Park Hyuk Kwon) revealing the secretly recorded conversations about Eun Soo Hyun’s sons tragic and intentional death – a lot has occurred from beginning to end. If you haven’t watched yet, beware of spoilers!

Now, fans finally gained the closure they needed on Saturday night after the gripping series’ extended 90-minute long finale was aired on Disney Plus.

Things start off with a bang as the finale opens up with Eun Soo Hyun at a press conference regarding her new book after an 8 year hiatus. The book, titled ‘Wonderful World,’ is “based on a true story. It reveals who killed my son,” she says. As the press gasped in shock they pondered and asked who it could be. Soo Hyun doesn’t hesitate to reveal it is none other than Kim Jun and Han Yoori watches in shock from a distance.

After learning in the last episode that Kim Jun did indeed hit Eun Soo Hyun’s child with his car and seeked Sun Yul’s father to take the blame for the child’s death instead, how could things not get heated? Fans surely felt a deeper hatred for the corrupt politician and possible president.

Soon Eun Soo Hyun appears to the police to give her statements, Kim Jun takes actions into his own hands and reveals a secret conversation during his press conference. His political plan to clear the air and prevent further damage to his campaign was successful as Eun Soo Hyun can be heard screaming “Apologize” as glass shatters in the background and curses are exchanged between her and Sun Yul’s father. At first, the media was in her favor but now it seems people believe it was all a stunt against the presidential candidate and she was actually in cahoots with the opposition.

The drama clearly needed the 90 minutes to leave no loose ends as Soo Hyun’s mother leaves from the city after the overwhelming drama gets to her. Her ex-husband Su Ho is visited by his mother who encourages him to go see Goeun and check on her condition. Despite what is happening between him and Soo Hyun, he felt some obligation to be by her side too.

As the drama unfolds and the main cast gear up for their final fight against Kim Jun, Soo Hyun is seen standing at a silent political protest bearing posters of Kim Jun and asking for justice for her son at a local plaza.

But, as per usual, Sun Yul takes the more dangerous route and goes about his own way. He seeked to get a confession out of Kim Jun. While standing over a private rooftop, Sun Yul pesters Kim Jun to the point of him exclaiming, “If Gun Woo died at that moment I wouldn’t have to deal with this crap.”

Credit: Disney Plus Still

Just when viewers felt they were on the edge of their seat and all would be revolved, the plot twists rear their ugly heads. Enraged, Sun Yul tries to push Kim Jun off the roof, but his guards come in the knick of time to pry them apart and even beat up Sun Yul (seeing Cha Eun Woo covered in blood was too much as a fan) which helped them discover the hidden recorder with the confession on it. The fight scene was very intense and really had us wondering what would happen to our hero next but Kim Jun solemnly looked at Sun Yul and walked away.

As mentioned earlier, Yoori was eager to see the return of Soo Hyun as an author but was shocked by all the news surrounding the death of her soon. She makes an effort to help Soo Hyun by gathering supporters for her side. However, Kim Jun’s meddlesome assistant also finds a way to throw a wrench in the do-gooder’s plans.

After the secretary planned her counterattack and having guards come to disrupt Soo Hyun’s protest, Soo Hyun is surprised to find the bruised and hurt Sun Yul there with more supporters to break up the chaos and prove he is still working hard to defend the protest against Kim Jun. The guards scurry away and it begins to rain but in that moment Soo Hyun felt great strength in seeing the support of her allies standing in unity with her. For justice.

Although feeling good, more than anything Soo Hyun wants justice for her son and aid from her husband. She seems to be reflective as the exhausting experience is taking its toll. At that moment, they are all shocked to see a broadcast made by Su Ho who drops bombshell after bombshell and single handedly destroys Kim Jun’s side and sheeple followers. Not only does Su Ho reveal recordings and videos of Kim Jun’s discussions with Sun Yul and confessing his crimes from earlier, but he also shows a conversation with his brown-nosing secretary saying “It isn’t hard to fabricate evidence!” suggesting he was manipulating the truth and covering his crime.

However, the biggest and most unexpected bombshell was the unexpected video recording on their son Gun woo’s tablet. The tablet captured his final moments as he cried out for his mother. Su Ho pleads to the hearts of the public asking viewers not to listen to him as the famous anchor of ABS news but as a father who lost his hands to the evil hands of Kim Jun. He chokes up as he states, “Please, remember the voice of little Gun Woo calling out to his mother before the criminal Kim Jun.”

Credit: Disney Plus Still

Kim Jun’s trial comes next and with numerous statements from his victims including Hye Geum, the devious secretary, and Sun Yul, Kim Jun is sentenced to life imprisonment. After waiting for so long and doing everything she could as a mother, Soo Hyun breaks down in tears – whether it be because she finally avenges her son Gun Woo or that his death becomes even more finalized and impactful is left a mystery. However, a vision of Gun Woo appears before Soo Hyun in the lonely courtroom and says “Mommy, are you still in pain?” Now that the battle is all over, Soo Hyun is finally able to let go of her deep, dark revenge and live on with the pain as she leaves the court and meets Su Ho.

Her and Su Ho have a heart to heart – another element that was key to closure and long overdo for the characters’ personal closure as well. Soo Hyun then takes responsibility for leaving the door open that day. She too knows how her husband, Su Ho had suffered and realizes how much he had been damaged by all of this (considering episode one when he left his job and started taking drugs). She applauds him for his bravery. Now, the thickened plot seems to have finally settled and peace can come into play.

Everything concludes with each character leading their own individual lives in a state of happiness that is rightfully their own. Six years later, Soo Hyun is still a renowned author and even runs an orphanage to help children. Her ex-husband, Su Ho, continues his work as a successful anchor and they both live happily knowing the other is well, successful, and keep in touch with each other. Sun Yul even becomes a doctor and has shown great development in his character from earlier episodes. The finale ends as Sun Yul visits Soo Hyun’s book signing event for ‘Wonderful World.’ When Soo Hyun spots Sun Yul in the crowd, he messages her, “I’m okay now.” They share their happiness after reflecting on the big journey they shared together with even bigger smiles on their faces.

The drama was well-received, high ranking, and a great showcase of the ability Disney Plus has to deliver great K-Drama content. Thanks to the well-executed acting and phenomenal cast, the story of Wonderful World has been met with critical acclaim internationally and has fans eager to see what else the streaming service can pump out next. Hopefully more content with Cha Eun Woo!

Credit: Disney Plus Still

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