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Won Tae Min and Han Do Woo are back together, this time in a spin-off movie titled The Time of Fever based on the popular series Unintentional Love Story.

The film dives into the high school days of Ho Tae (played by Won Tae Min) and Dong Hee (played by Han Do Woo), and even features a kiss scene between the two leads.

While both actors initially expressed concerns about the kissing scene involving two high school students, Won Tae Min clarified, “The script convinced me. I didn’t want a forced kiss scene just to please fans. Even if it meant toning down the romantic tension, I really thought that Ho Tae and Dong Hee’s relationship shouldn’t be portrayed that way. Thankfully, the script made everything feel natural.”

Han Do Woo chimed in, adding, “The kiss scene itself was pretty intense. I thought it would be over quickly, but it ended up being a longer, more intimate take. Honestly, I think it turned out even better because of that. We filmed it four times in total.”

Beyond the on-screen romance, both actors are excited for fans to experience the film. “Even if you haven’t seen the original series, The Time of Fever is a standalone story you can totally get lost in,” they said. “I’m so happy they decided to tell Ho Tae and Dong Hee’s high school story. It really gives viewers context for their relationship. Unintentional Love Story starts with a bit of a ‘hate-love’ dynamic, and this movie fills in the blanks. It’s beautifully shot and the locations are amazing.”

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Won Tae Min is currently appearing in the musical If I Were You and is also preparing for the release of the film High School Return of a Gangster starring Lee Seo Jin. Han Do Woo recently successfully completed MBC’s drama Chief Detective 1958.

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