Yeo Jin Goo and Moon Ga Young’s upcoming tvN drama “Link” shared a new teaser!

    “Link” is a fantasy romance drama about a man who suddenly begins to feel all the emotions experienced by an unfamiliar woman when the “link phenomenon” occurs again for the first time after 18 years.

    Yeo Jin Goo will be playing Eun Gye Hoon, a restaurant executive chef whose everyday life becomes shaken up after feeling the emotions of an unfamiliar woman. Moon Ga Young will be taking on the role of Jihwa Western Cuisine Restaurant’s probationary employee Noh Da Hyun.

    The teaser begins with Eun Gye Hoon revealing, “[There are] feelings I begin to feel vividly even when she’s far away,” as Noh Da Hyun suddenly appears right in front of him. Eun Gye Hoon begins to feel Noh Da Hyun’s every emotion from happiness to sadness, anger, and fear, bringing the two unexpectedly yet deeply together.

    Whenever Noh Da Hyun is in danger, Eun Gye Hoon appears suddenly like a superhero, causing Noh Da Hyun to comment, “Whenever I was in a difficult situation, he always appeared.” While cooking together at the restaurant, Eun Gye Hoon warns, “If the person making the food is gloomy, then the food also becomes gloomy.”

    Another scene captures Noh Da Hyun declaring, “In my life, there will be no more men in the future.” Eun Gye Hoon also states, “Don’t ever like me.” Noh Da Hyun mutters, “Who says I like him?” Nonetheless, Eun Gye Hoon is unable to ignore Noh Da Hyun’s feelings, while Noh Da Hyun can’t help but notice that Eun Gye Hoon understands her feelings on another level.

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    At the end of the teaser, Eun Gye Hoon asks, “What is the real reason that you’ve come here?” Noh Da Hyun unexpectedly confesses, “I like you!” raising anticipation for their upcoming romance.

    Check out the full teaser below!


    “Link” premieres on June 6 at 10:30 p.m. KST.


    Source: Soompi