Jan 31, 2024

    Son Suk Ku’s highly anticipated film “Troll Factory” (also known as “Comment Army”) has released its first teaser!

    Based on the novel of the same name, “Troll Factory” follows the journey of Im Sang Jin, a journalist who faces suspension after exposing a major corporation. When an anonymous informant reveals the existence of an online “comment army” manipulating public opinion, Im Sang Jin embarks on a quest to unveil the truth and reclaim his position.

    Son Suk Ku is starring as Im Sang Jin, a journalist striving for reinstatement following his suspension for writing an article exposing the abuse of power by a big corporation.

    Opposite him is the comment army Team Allep and its members. Kim Sung Cheol will star as Jjingbbottking (literal romanization), the unofficial leader and the sharp-witted mastermind behind the public opinion manipulation.

    Kim Dong Hwi portrays Chatthatkhat (literal romanization), the writer behind all the captivating fabricated stories and the anonymous informant who tips off the existence of the comment army.

    Hong Kyung will play Paebtaek (literal romanization), a keyboard warrior drawn deeper into the world of online manipulation as he witnesses its formidable power.

    The newly released trailer begins with news anchors reporting on the phenomenon of the “comment army,” as a flurry of comments streams by. Im Sang Jin appears deep in contemplation as he watches intently. As he stands up, a member of Team Allep cryptically remarks, “This is the method we’ve created,” sparking intrigue about the secretive activities of the group.

    Im Sang Jin’s intriguing narration, “This story begins with this person’s tip,” adds an element of mystery, setting the stage for the unpredictable events to come. With its realistic theme of online opinion manipulation—a topic that resonates with anyone who navigates online articles, online communities, and social media— “Troll Factory” promises to immerse viewers in its compelling narrative.

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    Watch the trailer below!

    “Troll Factory” is set to hit theaters on March 27.


    cr: Soompi