tvN’s upcoming drama “The Auditors” has unveiled a new teaser featuring Shin Ha Kyun and Jin Goo!

“The Auditors” tells the story of rational audit team leader Shin Cha Il (Shin Ha Kyun) and emotional new hire Gu Han Soo (Lee Jung Ha), who work together at JU Construction, where corruption is rampant.

The latest teaser for the drama suggests an intense confrontation between Shin Cha Il and Vice President Hwang Dae Woong (Jin Goo). It begins with audit team leader Shin Cha Il vowing to catch the culprits at JU Construction. Shin Cha Il uses every means necessary—strategies, physical confrontations, and chases—to expose those who exploit trust for personal gain. His relentless quest for justice provides an exhilarating thrill, leaving viewers curious about his deep commitment to rooting out embezzlers.

Meanwhile, Hwang Dae Woong escalates his feud with Shin Cha Il. Furious with Shin Cha Il’s defiance, he warns, “Don’t come at me, or you’ll get crushed.” Hwang Dae Woong’s bold actions, including throwing a laptop into the fire in front of Shin Cha Il, raise the stakes and deepen suspicions. As Hwang Dae Woong tries to hide something and Shin Cha Il seeks to uncover it, their inevitable clash promises significant consequences for JU Construction.

As the teaser introduces a gripping conflict between audit team leader Shin Cha Il and Vice President Hwang Dae Woong, viewers are keen to see if Shin Cha Il can reveal and eliminate the hidden corruption at JU Construction.

Watch the teaser below:

“The Auditors” will premiere on July 6 at 9:20 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!

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