Netflix’s upcoming original series “The 8 Show” has released a new preview offering a glimpse into what the show is all about!

Helmed by director Han Jae Rim and based on Bae Jin Soo’s popular webtoon “Money Game” and its sequel “Pie Game,” “The 8 Show” will tell the story of eight individuals who end up participating in a high-stakes game in which they are placed under extreme circumstances after being cut off from the rest of society.

The preview kicks off with Jin Soo (Ryu Jun Yeol) finding himself confined in a small, dimly lit room, left only with a uniform and a rule book. Inside the book, it is stipulated that the contestants must hand in all their belongings and can check the accumulated prize money on the scoreboard, with money being deducted from their total whenever participants make purchases.

As the game begins at midnight sharp, Jin Soo is taken aback by the amount of money on the scoreboard going up by 30,000 won (approximately $22) every minute. Crunching the numbers, he realizes that he could earn 43 million won (approximately $31,764) in just 24 hours, far surpassing his friend’s annual income.

However, his excitement takes a nosedive when he tries to buy a blanket and a hand warmer, only to find they cost 1.1 million won (approximately $812)—100 times higher than their normal prices, labeled as the “special price” within the game.

Seeing through the game’s true intentions, Jin Soo opts for a thrifty alternative, ordering 1 kilogram of old newspapers and a few used cardboard boxes for a mere 120,000 won (approximately $89). As the teaser comes to an end, Jin Soo smirks at his savvy maneuver, but the mysterious vibe within the set hints at the looming challenges ahead.

Watch the full preview below!

“The 8 Show” will premiere on May 17.

In the meantime, watch Ryu Jun Yeol in “The Night Owl” below:

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