Netflix’s “Hierarchy” has unveiled its first glimpse at the upcoming series!

“Hierarchy” is a passionate high-teen drama full of love and jealousy and follows the story that unfolds when transfer students who harbor secrets enter Jooshin High School, where the top 0.01 percent of students reign as the law and order.

The upcoming drama will be helmed by director Bae Hyun Jin, who previously worked on “Alchemy of Souls,” “Big Mouth,” and “Start-Up,” and penned by scriptwriter Chu Hye Mi of “About Time.”

On May 16, “Hierarchy” unveiled the first teaser poster that features a crown, symbolizing the perfect order that exists at Jooshin High School, where students who were “selected” from birth have gathered. The poster features transfer student Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min) in the background with a tightened fist as he stares at the crown behind a glass case that has started to crack. The text, “Admire it or despise it,” hints at the fissure that begins to occur in the hierarchy.

The newly released teaser begins with contrasting scenes of a student’s mysterious death as well as the extravagant daily lives of students at Jooshin High School, “the school of perfect order.”

The narration states, “There’s always trouble when there’s a scholarship kid,” as well as, “And it always ends so tragically,” highlighting the fierce confrontation between Jooshin Group’s successor Ri An (Kim Jae Won) and transfer student Kang Ha. Ri An warns, “We’re at Jooshin right now. Don’t do anything you can’t handle.”

However, Kang Ha’s bold kiss to Jooshin High School’s queen and Ri An’s girlfriend Jung Jae Yi (Roh Jeong Eui) starts to cause a fissure in the hierarchy. The fierce cry, “Everyone at this school is nuts!” raises questions about the secrets hidden beneath.

“Hierarchy” will premiere on June 7. Check out the teaser below!

Stay tuned for more updates on “Hierarchy”!

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