Upcoming Disney+ original series “Red Swan” has unveiled a suspenseful main trailer!

“Red Swan” depicts the story of Oh Wan Soo (Kim Ha Neul), who dreams of a perfect life of the upper class society and marries the heir of Hwain Group. She encounters the secret of the Hwain family when she meets her bodyguard Seo Do Yoon (Rain), who always stands by her side. The drama will be directed by Park Hong Kyun, the director of “Hwayugi,” “The Greatest Love,” and “The Great Queen Seon Deok,” and it will be written by Choi Yoon Jung, the writer of “Only Love,” “Three Sisters,” and “The Person I Love.”

The main trailer unfolds with the opulent mansion of the Hwain Group family, introducing its affluent members. Seo Do Yoon, clad in police attire, is shown alongside his colleague. However, the mood swiftly darkens as the scene transitions to Seo Do Yoon and his friend investigating a case, only for his friend to be suddenly attacked and stabbed by an unknown assailant. Seo Do Yoon’s anguished cry of “Joo Hyuk!” pierces through, setting a gripping tone for the trailer.

As the trailer progresses, Seo Do Yoon questions the nature of the people living in the mansion. The teaser introduces key members of the Hwain Group, including Kim Yong Guk (Jung Gyu Woon), Park Mi Ran (Seo Yi Sook), and Han Sang Il (Yoon Je Moon). Han Sang Il reveals that Seo Do Yoon’s involvement with the family stems from the death of his friend Shin Joo Hyuk, a police officer investigating the honorary chairman’s demise.

The tension heightens as it’s revealed that Oh Wan Soo is also a target for assassination, with Seo Do Yoon suspecting that the culprit is after the Now Foundation, which holds Hwain’s illicit funds. Secrets unravel as Oh Wan Soo confronts Park Mi Ran, prompting Seo Do Yoon to protect her from danger, driven by the belief that the same person who killed Joo Hyuk is now targeting her.

The teaser concludes with Seo Do Yoon’s poignant declaration, “That assailant is in this house,” leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the unfolding drama.

Watch the full main trailer below:

“Red Swan” consists of a total of 10 episodes with two episodes being released every Wednesday starting from July 3. Stay tuned!

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