Upcoming film “Escape” starring Lee Je Hoon and Koo Kyo Hwan has released a new teaser and posters!

“Escape” tells the story of the other side of the barbed-wire fence at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and depicts the fierce escape and pursuit of North Korean soldier Gyu Nam (Lee Je Hoon), who dreams of living a life with a future, and security team officer Hyun Sang (Koo Kyo Hwan), who must stop him. The film is helmed by Lee Jong Pil of “Samjin Company English Class” and “The Sound of a Flower.”

The newly released posters capture Gyu Nam, who tries to escape even in an extreme situation, and Hyun Sang, who chases after Gyu Nam with fierce eyes and a gun pointed at him. The urgency of the situation can be felt through their facial expressions, raising viewers’ curiosity about the narrative of the two with different goals of escape and chase.

The trailer video previews Gyu Nam planning to escape to the south without anyone knowing, Dong Hyuk (Hong Sa Bin) dreaming of escaping with him, and Hyun Sang constantly suspecting and monitoring them. Gyu Nam and Dong Hyuk, who find their chances to escape, run without hesitation through the darkness and bushes to the edge of a sheer cliff, and Hyun Sang chases them by hook or by crook. The trailer also gives a brief glimpse of a special appearance by Song Kang.

The conflict of values and tense confrontation between Hyun Sang, who says, “Do you think the South will all be paradise? There is no such paradise on earth,” and Gyu Nam, who says, “I decide my own path,” raise anticipation for a suspenseful story and dynamic chase that will unfold in the future.

Watch the full teaser below!

“Escape” is slated to hit theaters on July 3. Stay tuned!

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