Kep1er has won their first music show trophy for their new title track “Shooting Star”!

On the June 12 episode of “Show Champion,” the candidates for first place were ATEEZ’s “WORK,” aespa’s “Armageddon,” WayV’s “Give Me That,” NewJeans’ “How Sweet,” and Kep1er’s “Shooting Star.”

The trophy ultimately went to Kep1er! Watch their comeback performance, win, and full encore below:

Other performers on today’s show included EVERGLOW, WayV, TWS, BADVILLAIN, Yves, ONE PACT, cignature, KARA’s Nicole, I:MOND, SPIA, and Han Yiseo.

Check out their performances below!


WayV – “Give Me That” (Korean version)

TWS – “hey! hey!”


Yves – “LOOP”


cignature – “I like I like” and “Poongdung”

KARA’s Nicole – “5!6!7!8!”

I:MOND – “Slippery”

SPIA – “Deeeep”

Han Yiseo – “ing”

Congratulations to Kep1er!

Watch Kep1er on “Queendom 2” with subtitles on Viki below:

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