Upcoming film “The Plot” has shared a new teaser video, offering a glimpse into its intriguing main characters!

“The Plot” tells the story of Young Il, a designer who specializes in disguising contract killings as accidents, and the unexpected events that unfold when he becomes entangled in an unforeseen incident. Kang Dong Won will star as Young Il, whose area of expertise is disguising murders as accidental deaths.

The newly released video kicks off with introducing the designer Young Il, who is constantly frowning as he carefully manipulates situations to cause accidents. As if proving his skilled maneuver, he says in his low voice, “Any accident can be fabricated.” The video continues to depict Young Il’s client Joo Young Sun (Jung Eun Chae) having a phone conversation with Young Il and informing him of the name of the target, raising curiosity about what motivates her to seek Young Il’s service.

The video then introduces three executors who actually carry out the murder plan—veteran Jackie (Lee Mi Sook), disguise expert Wol Chun (Lee Hyun Wook), and the youngest member Jum Man (Tang Jun Sang). The three are portrayed gathered together, brainstorming ways for murder including staging a car accident.

However, the video’s atmosphere takes a turn as it depicts the characters who question the real causes of these disguised accidents. While insurance expert Lee Chi Hyun (Lee Moo Saeng) hands over the documents about the target and asks to look into the recipient of the insurance money, detective Yang Kyung Jin (Kim Shin Rok) visits Young Sun and asks directly about her status as a potential insurance money recipient.

Lastly, the teaser introduces an online troll Ha Woo Jeo (Lee Dong Hwi) who makes bold predictions about the target’s death without showing his full face, leaving viewers curious to know what kind of impact he will bring to the narrative.

Watch the full teaser below!

The movie is set to hit theaters on May 28.

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