MBC “The Pork Cutlets” has shared a fun highlight teaser ahead of its premiere!

“The Pork Cutlets” is a human comedy short drama that depicts the humorous lives of the Onghwa Village residents and their village chief Jung Ja Wang, who advocated for a neutering surgery for the village’s Casanova dog Baek Gu, only to end up getting a vasectomy himself overnight.

In the highlight teaser, village chief Jung Ja Wang (Jung Sang Hoon) makes an announcement calling for Baek Gu to return home. Baek Gu is a dog that has become a significant concern for the villagers, having fathered countless puppies throughout the village.

As the village chief, Jung Ja Wang decides to pitch Baek Gu’s intriguing story to the media to secure a free neutering surgery for the dog. However, the teaser then reveals Jung Ja Wang’s personal dilemma: he desperately wants a daughter as he already has three sons, but his wife Im Shin Ae (Jeon Hye Bin) has just found out she’s pregnant with twin boys, causing them both to panic.

When Im Shin Ae insists that Jung Ja Wang get a vasectomy, his reluctance leads him to empathize with Baek Gu and he begins to pity the dog.

Things take a turn when the TV crew arrives, only to find that Baek Gu has disappeared. As the issue heats up in the village, the upcoming election for the next village chief becomes even more contentious. Jung Ja Wang and his childhood friend Deok Sam (Lee Joong Ok), who has always had his eyes on the position, decide that whoever finds Baek Gu first will become the next village chief.

Watch the full teaser below!

“The Pork Cutlets” will premiere on July 5 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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