Netflix has unveiled the main poster and trailer for its upcoming original series “The Sound of Magic”!

    “The Sound of Magic” is described as a fantasy music drama about the story that unfolds when the mysterious magician Lee Eul (Ji Chang Wook) suddenly appears in front of a girl named Yoon Ai (Choi Sung Eun), who has lost her dreams, and her classmate named Na Il Deung (Hwang In Yeop), who is being forced to dream. The drama is based on the webtoon “Annarasumanara” by writer Ha Il Kwon which was serialized on Naver Webtoon in 2010 and adapted into a play.

    The mysterious main poster captures the three main characters alone at an amusement park. In the late night, their main source of light comes from the bright fireworks in the sky and the mystical merry-go-round behind them. As butterflies and bubbles float around, magician Lee Eul motions you to come on in, while Yoon Ai and Na Il Deung busily take in their surreal surroundings. The poster caption asks, “Do you believe in magic?”

    The trailer starts off with the dramatic entrance of magician Lee Eul. His magic finds its way into schools and classrooms, leaving students floating in their chairs and feeling “the sound of magic.” Lee Eul specifically reaches out to high school student Yoon Ai, who’s been faced with a harsh reality. He tells her, “Do you know what you have to do when your heart is broken? You just have to memorize the spell.”

    As the amusement park they’re at slowly starts to come to life, Yoon Ai excitedly comments, “Can I really believe that a magician has been sent because I’ve lived all this time so difficultly?”

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    Yoon Ai’s classmate Na Il Deung, who is the top student at their school, follows her to the amusement park and learns of Lee Eul’s magical world. As Yoon Ai has lost her dreams because of adults and Na Il Deung has always been pressured by adults to dream, viewers will be able to discover how their lives are changed once they meet Lee Eul.

    Watch the teaser with English subtitles here!

    “The Sound of Magic” premieres on May 6.

    Source: Soompi