JTBC’s upcoming weekend drama “She’s Different Day and Night” (literal title) has released new drama teaser featuring Lee Jung Eun and Jeong Eun Ji!

“She’s Different Day and Night” is a romantic comedy that follows a young job seeker, who suddenly finds herself trapped in the body of a 50-year-old woman, and a skilled prosecutor who becomes entangled with her all day.

In the teaser, young job seeker Lee Mi Jin (Jeong Eun Ji) enjoys part-time jobs and nightlife until she mysteriously ages overnight into Im Soon (Lee Jung Eun). Shock and confusion ripple through her life and those around her. Despite her new appearance, Im Soon adapts, excelling at her job and maintaining boundless energy. Her coworkers are astonished by her youthful demeanor as she effortlessly works, dancing and casually sipping coffee while typing on the computer with one hand, all while appearing to be in her 50s.

In another scene, she cycles to work at a remarkable speed, earning cheers from students on a school bus. Amid the chaos, Im Soon embraces her older body with Lee Mi Jin’s vibrant mindset. The teaser concludes with Im Soon humorously trying to convince a skeptical policeman that she is in her 20s, despite her 50s appearance.

Watch the teaser here:

“She’s Different Day and Night” will premiere on June 15 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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