IU is back with new music!

On February 16, IU released the music video for “Holssi,” the second of two title tracks from her upcoming mini album “The Winning.”

“Holssi” boasts a unique composition with a hip-hop and R&B basis. Set against a robust drum and bass backdrop, IU showcases her vocal versatility, effortlessly transitioning between roles — at times a supple R&B singer, at others a carefree and confident rapper, and occasionally as pure and straightforward as a child singing a nursery rhyme.

Under the description for the music video, which features the beloved cartoon character Tweety, IU wrote, “In my first self-produced album that I did in my twenties ‘CHAT-SHIRE,’ I likened my age to a budding flower. Whether it’s a lavish flower or a modest one, back then, I believed I was a flower that would bloom when the time came. Now in my thirties, having realized that there’s no reason for everyone to become or should become a flower, I aspire to live like a single spore, gracefully swaying in the sky. Like a tireless shopper strolling aimlessly without a destination, I want to wander around, putting the various options displayed throughout my world in my cart.”

Watch the quirky “Holssi” music video below!