SBS’s upcoming drama “Woori the Virgin” released a hilarious teaser!

    “Woori the Virgin” (previously also known as “Starting Today, We”) is a Korean remake of the American rom-com “Jane the Virgin,” which is based on a Venezuelan telenovela. The drama is about a woman named Oh Woo Ri (Im Soo Hyang) who is strictly maintaining her chastity before marriage but ends up pregnant after an accident occurs during a medical exam.

    The newly released teaser begins with Raphael (Sung Hoon) making a captivating introduction. Oozing charisma and power, he says, “I’m Raphael, the CEO of Diamond Cosmetics.” The caption on the screen states “the perfect man’s secret,” hinting that not everything is at it seems. He cheerfully hands divorce papers to his wife Lee Ma Ri (Hong Ji Yoon), saying, “Let’s get a divorce.” His father is too stunned to speak as he laments, “I can’t believe my son is a eunuch!”

    The clip gives a sneak peek of Raphael and Oh Woo Ri’s sweet kiss, and his voiceover says, “I think there’s a kind of love that’s connected by a string of fate,” showing his deep desire to find true love. Raphael engages in a tense war of nerves with Oh Woo Ri’s boyfriend Lee Kang Jae (Shin Dong Wook), and Lee Kang Jae candidly says, “I can’t help but be wary of him.”

    Oh Woo Ri, her mother Oh Eun Ran (Hong Eun Hee), Raphael, and Lee Kang Jae somehow end up at the hospital together. When the doctor announces that Oh Woo Ri is pregnant, she bursts into laughter that stems from a mixture of horror and disbelief. Oh Eun Ran giggles as if this whole thing is a prank, and Lee Kang Jae also cracks up. Raphael starts to applaud but pauses in bafflement as he wonders if he’s the only one not getting this joke.

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    SBS’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama will premiere on May 9 at 10 p.m. KST. Watch the full teaser below!


    Source: Soompi