Go Ah Sung’s upcoming movie “Because I Hate Korea” has unveiled new trailers!

Based on a bestselling novel, “Because I Hate Korea” follows Gye Na (Go Ah Sung), a woman in her late twenties who, in search of her own happiness, leaves behind her job, family, and boyfriend to embark on a solo journey to New Zealand.

The first trailer showcases Gye Na’s relaxed demeanor as she waits at a bustling airport. As she prepares to board her flight, the phrase “I’ve decided to start anew” hints at her fresh beginning.

The second trailer features stunning New Zealand scenery and a conversation between Gye Na and Ha Jun, a Korean immigrant living in New Zealand. Gye Na asks Ha Jun if he used to live in Seoul, to which he replies yes. When she inquires if he wants to return to Korea, Ha Jun answers, “I don’t know. But my daddy wants to go back home. How about you?” Gye Na’s prolonged contemplation as the screen fades to black adds an element of intrigue about her decision and her journey ahead.

“Because I Hate Korea” is set to hit theaters in August.

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