Disney+’s upcoming drama “The Tyrant” has released its poster along with a teaser video!

“The Tyrant” is a four-part chase action drama that unfolds after the final sample from a program called the “Tyrant Program” disappears due to a delivery mishap. This sets off a chain of pursuits involving individuals with different motives, each competing to secure the sample. Cha Seung Won stars as Im Sang, a former agent tasked with eliminating those connected to the Tyrant Program. Kim Seon Ho plays Director Choi, an unofficial mastermind behind the program, linked to a government agency.

The newly released poster captures a profile of Ja Kyung (Jo Yoon Soo), a skilled technician assigned to retrieve the last sample from the Tyrant Program. With an intense gaze, she is depicted with black ink-like hues emanating from her body. The caption at the center reads, “The vanished last sample, beginning of the rampage,” hinting at the pursuit involving Ja Kyung and others vying for the program’s last sample.

The accompanying teaser video begins with the unexpected delivery mishap on a rainy night, which led to the disappearance of the last sample of the superhuman genes.

The video introduces key characters: Im Sang, an agent tasked with eliminating any obstacles to the program, Director Choi, the secretive designer and operator behind the program, Paul (Kim Kang Woo), a relentless chaser who attempts to steal the sample, and technician Ja Kyung. Each character quickly springs into action upon hearing about the sample’s disappearance.

Watch the captivating new trailer below!

“The Tyrant” is set to premiere on August 14.

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