Following the successful conclusion of the tvN’s beloved series “Lovely Runner,” fans have been gifted with a new making-of video!

In the newly released video, Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon showcase their close bond by answering various questions about each other while sharing playful moments.

When asked what kind of gifts they would like to give each other, Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon choose “perfume” and “chocolates” respectively. When Kim Hye Yoon jokingly sniffs her arm and asks, “Do I stink?” Byeon Woo Seok explains that he remembers her tendency to use different perfumes for each project, expressing his consideration for her. Kim Hye Yoon also explains her choice, noting that he always has a sweet tooth.

The duo also candidly talks about their first impressions of each other. Kim Hye Yoon recalls feeling an immediate closeness even when they first met, and now describes him as “like an oppa living next door.” Byeon Woo Seok also shares his initial impression of Kim Hye Yoon, stating, “The image I had of her was that she was diligent, bright, and had a pretty smile.” He further praises her, saying, “She still carries bright energy whenever I meet her, which enables me to work with a smile.”

During the filming of the wedding scene, the actors are questioned again, “What does Im Sol mean to Ryu Sun Jae, and what does Ryu Sun Jae mean to Im Sol?” Byeon Woo Seok responds with a heartfelt “Everything,” while Kim Hye Yoon replies, “Cotton candy, because it’s sweet to be around him.”

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