Netflix’s upcoming variety show “Agents of Mystery” has unveiled a captivating new poster and teaser!

“Agents of Mystery” is a mystery adventure show in which comedians Lee Yong Jin and Lee Eun JiJohn Park, Girl’s Day’s HyeriKim Do Hoon, and aespa’s Karina track and solve strange cases that cannot be explained scientifically. The show is produced by PD Jung Jong Yeon of “Devil’s Plan,” “The Genius,” “The Great Escape,” and more.

The poster showcases the six members chosen as the “Agents of Mystery,” a special investigation unit that handles bizarre cases ordinary departments cannot. The cryptic content displayed on monitors behind the team, along with surrounding bloodstains, adds an extra layer of intrigue and raises curiosity about their upcoming missions.

The accompanying teaser begins with the team assembled, receiving their mission to uncover the truth behind peculiar incidents. As glimpses of their efforts to find clues at various crime scenes unfold, the teaser hints at the intense challenges ahead. The members’ shocked reactions to different situations further amplify the suspense, promising a series filled with unexpected twists and thrilling investigations.

Watch the teaser below!

“Agents of Mystery” premieres on June 18.

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