TvN’s “Lovely Runner”, also known as “Run Away With Sun-Jae On Piggyback”, starring Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon, is currently the hottest K-drama since “Queen of Tears” . This romantic comedy is adapted from the webcomic “Tomorrow’s Best”.

Here’s a recap of the K-drama on AsianWiki : “Ryu Seon-Jae (Byeon Woo-Seok) is a leading star who has been in the spotlight since his debut. His life seems perfect, but being in the entertainment industry has completely exhausted him. Meanwhile, Lim Sol (Kim Hye-Yoon) loves Ryu Seon-Jae like an enthusiastic fan. When she was little, she had an accident. Because of this, she gave up on her dream, but listening to Ryu Seon-Jae’s song on the radio brought her comfort, and she became his fan ever since. »

“One day, Lim Sol hears shocking news: Ryu Seon-Jae has killed himself. She feels deep sadness at this tragic news. By some miracle, Lim Sol somehow travels to the past, 15 years back. There, she meets Ryu Seon-Jae, who is a 19-year-old high school student. She fights to prevent her tragic future. »

Unexpected twists and turns in recent episode of 'Lovely Runner' shocked fans K-Selection

Unfortunately, “Lovely Runner” bows out next week with its final two episodes. However, episodes 13 and 14 threw viewers into panic. At the end of episode 13, Ryu Sun Jae gets stabbed by Kim Young Soo (Heo Hyeong Gyu) and falls off the cliff into the water. Im Sol, who tried to prevent his death from the beginning, panics and sends them to the past through his watch, which acts as a time machine throughout the show.

“The murderer was captured, but at what cost: Sunjae was stabbed and fell off the cliff…”
“Sunjae’s watch????” He was supposed to be dead, but his watch became like this???? »

This choice undid everything we had seen before. She even changed their first meeting, which took place even before the first time jump. Sun Jae and Sol, who were neighbors, met when he accidentally received her package and went into the rain to return it to her. This time, she takes another route when she sees him instead of going up to him to get him.

“From him, she was the one who fell in the first place. Of his unrequited love for 15 years, it is his that has never been reciprocated for so long. »
“She cries because this life was a life without Sunjae. She didn’t meet him, didn’t give him her umbrella, stayed at a distance, but she remembers everything. She is the only one who remembers Sunjae, who loved her. PAIN. »

Sun Jae and Sol are back in the present. Although she remembers everything, it seems that everything has changed. They’re technically strangers, because he doesn’t recognize her.

“Sol went back to the past using Sunjae’s watch. She avoided Sunjae so they became complete strangers, but they accidentally meet at an awards show. »
“Sol went back to the past once again, this time with Sunjae’s watch to avoid him, so Sunjae never met Sol before… Oh my God… Now it’s Sunjae who doesn’t remember and doesn’t know Sol from the beginning. They changed their destiny! »

“Lovely Runner” fans are devastated to realize that nothing we’ve seen from the show so far really happened. Sun Jae seems to have no memories of him and Sol, and there is no ECLIPSE, although he is still friends with Baek In Hyuk (of N.Flying, Seunghyub).

“What do you mean everything that happened in all 13 episodes doesn’t exist anymore??” Is my love for Soljae just an illusion?? »
“When I realize that Sunjae has no memory of Sol and is no longer a loser in love. »
“Everyone after watching #lovelyrunnerep13”

Viewers are going through a multitude of emotions, expressing their anger towards tvN for erasing all the cherished memories.

“This is my state just after watching episode 13 of Lovely Runner”
“What do you mean it never happened?” »
“Having just realized that a sudden downpour no longer exists…”
“A list of things we just lost: idol Sunjae, a sudden downpour, fangirl Im Sol, the whole Sol and Sunjae love story, Sol’s group of friends, Sunjae, Inhyuk, and Taesung »

Some joked that Sunjae should watch the previous twelve episodes to remember everything.

“I died laughing at that comment and that username. »
“Me telling Sunjae that he needs to watch episodes 2-12 on viu to get his memories back. »

In a sense, Sun Jae does this in episode 14. He reads a script that Sol wrote, being inspired by their story. Although he had no memory of anything, it moved him to tears.

“Sunjae is reading Sol’s script, which is literally their story, and it makes him cry so much. »

Sun Jae also began experiencing memory flashes, giving him a glimpse into his previous life.

“Sunjae remembers moments from the past, which leaves him upset and in tears. His heart realizes that he is losing someone important in his life. »

It looks like Sun Jae will get his memory back. However, a happy ending is not guaranteed. It looks like he’ll just continue to experience traumatic events, as a car accident was teased in the episode 15 teaser.

“The last two episodes show that Sunjae’s memory will return, but he is involved in a car accident?!? What is TVN trying to do? It’s incredible. »
“At Sunjae’s apartment, the sun is shining. Sunjae, who is a loser, finds himself in conflict with children again as a taxi driver. Sunjae gets his memories back, a car accident is possible, and we’re back in trouble (I’m going to kill myself)!! »
“We only have 2 episodes left and what the hell is this, why did Sunjae get into a car accident? »

“Lovely Runner” fans are sad that the K-drama is ending soon, but they’re also incredibly anxious about how it might end. Let’s hope our Sun Jae and Sol finally have a happy ending and a long life together!

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