JTBC’s upcoming drama “My Sweet Mobster” has released new stills featuring Um Tae Goo and Han Sun Hwa!

“My Sweet Mobster” is a new romance drama with surprising twists starring Um Tae Goo as Seo Ji Hwan, a man who has overcome his troubled past, and Han Sun Hwa as Go Eun Ha, a kids’ content creator. The drama promises a story of reconciling the past and rediscovering childhood innocence.

Seo Ji Hwan, the CEO of the social enterprise Thirsty Deer, exudes fearless charisma, yet he has been single for 36 years. Accustomed to concealing himself in black and occupied with family responsibilities, he has never pursued a romantic relationship. But when kids’ content creator Go Eun Ha enters his life, a new chapter begins for Ji Hwan.

Initially cautious of Seo Ji Hwan’s demeanor, Go Eun Ha warms up to him as she discerns his genuine nature beneath his dark attire. Now, viewers are intrigued by the vibrant energy of kids’ content creator Go Eun Ha, which could potentially influence the reserved Seo Ji Hwan.

The newly released stills show Seo Ji Hwan’s tender affection for Go Eun Ha. Seo Ji Hwan’s cheeks turn as red as a child’s after an intense play session, while Go Eun Ha smiles at him warmly, seemingly finding him adorable. The next still image of Seo Ji Hwan watching the bubbles blown by Go Eun Ha reflects innocence in his eyes.

Go Eun Ha is also gradually getting closer to Seo Ji Hwan, adding more intrigue to their relationship. The expression on Go Eun Ha’s face as she gently wraps her arms around Seo Ji Hwan’s neck hints at subtle excitement, heightening anticipation for their budding romance.

The adorable romance between Seo Ji Hwan and Go Eun Ha piques viewers’ interest. Um Tae Goo’s commitment to a fresh transformation in his first rom-com along with Han Sun Hwa’s lively and engaging performance promise to evoke romantic feelings among viewers.

“My Sweet Mobster” will premiere on June 12 at 8:50 p.m. KST.

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