Get ready for an epic showdown between Uee and her misbehaving younger brother in “Live Your Own Life”!

“Live Your Own Life” is a new KBS drama starring Uee as Lee Hyo Shim, a warmhearted personal trainer and self-sacrificing daughter who has always put her family’s needs before her own—until she finally makes up her mind to break free from her leech-like family and pursue her own happiness. Ha Jun stars as Kang Tae Ho, the director of the planning division of a conglomerate group.


Previously on “Live Your Own Life,” Lee Hyo Shim pushed herself to her limits in order to pay back her irresponsible family members’ private loans.

However, despite her endless sacrifices for her family—including taking on extra jobs while also diligently nursing her injured mother—the poor Hyo Shim didn’t receive so much as an ounce of gratitude from her ungrateful family. After her mother continued to shamelessly badger her about taking care of her siblings and her older brother even lashed out at her for disrupting his studying, the heartbroken Hyo Shim eventually burst into tears.

In the next episode of the drama, the exasperated Hyo Shim will finally have a change of heart. After years of being pushed around by her family, she decides that it’s time to try living her life differently—and the first thing on her list is to teach her troublemaking youngest brother Hyo Do (Kim Doh Yon) a lesson.

In order to teach Hyo Do this much-needed lesson, Hyo Shim takes him to the ring, where the two siblings wind up sparring. Unlike Hyo Do, who is decked out in protective gear, Hyo Shim is dressed casually, despite the blazing look of determination in her eyes.

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Uee Faces Off Against Her Brother In The Ring In “Live Your Own Life” Uee Faces Off Against Her Brother In The Ring In “Live Your Own Life” Uee Faces Off Against Her Brother In The Ring In “Live Your Own Life”

The producers of “Live Your Own Life” teased, “Hyo Shim, who has patiently endured all of the messes that her mother and younger brother have made, and who has only ever cleaned up after them, makes up her mind to teach him a lesson—and her method of choice is sparring. However, Hyo Do is no easy opponent. In order to protect his male ego, he is prepared not to lose. There will be thrilling hand-to-hand combat between the brother and sister. Please tune in to find out who will be the victor.”

The fifth episode of “Live Your Own Life” will air on October 8 at 8:05 p.m. KST.


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