Disney+’s upcoming drama “Uncle Samsik” has unveiled new stills of Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany!

“Uncle Samsik” is a drama that tells the story of the ambitions and bromance of two men, Park Doo Chil (Song Kang Ho) and Kim San (Byun Yo Han), who survived the turbulent period of the early 1960s in Korea.

Tiffany Young will be playing the role of Rachel Jung, the director of the Albright Foundation. Rachel Jung meets Kim San, who dreams of a national reconstruction project in Korea, and begins to take interest in his goals.

In the newly released stills, Rachel Jung approaches people with a bright and friendly smile. She also remains calm and serious as she heads toward her goals, and her clean-cut outfits and accessories give her a modern and stylish charm.

Tiffany Young shared, “For Rachel Jung, rather then her chemistry with other characters, I tried to analyze and interpret the character’s psyche.” She continued, “The filming set was like a dream-like space. This is a project that made me move courageously forward with hope.”

Director Shin Yeon Sik praised, “Tiffany Young has a great grasp of language, so she gave lots of tips regarding the English lines,” sharing that he looks forward to her acting in the future as well.

“Uncle Samsik” will consist of a total of 16 episodes. The first five episodes will be released on May 15, and from then on, two episodes will be released every week until the final week when they release the last three episodes. Stay tuned!

While waiting, watch Tiffany Young in “Reborn Rich” below:

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