Like Connection, which topped the ranking of most popular K-dramas, Jung Ryeo-won and Wi Ha-joon, who star in The Midnight Romance in Hagwon, also topped the ranking of most popular actors. most popular. Good Data Corporation’s survey reveals that director Kim Moon-kyo’s “Connection” became the most loved K-drama of the week for the first time after its release.

It should be noted that it is from data collected from online communities, news articles, videos and social networks that Good Data Corporation draws up its list of the most popular actors and K-dramas. popular. With a place of number 2, Midnight Romance in Hagwon is also not very far in the ranking of the most popular K-dramas. As for Connection’s Ji-sung and Jeon Mi-do, they ranked fourth and tenth respectively.

These two new Kdramas occupy the first places in the ranking of Kdramas and K-Selection actors

Connection proves to be the most popular K-drama while Jung Ryeo-won and Wi Ha-joon dominate the actor rankings

Although the K-drama “Connection,” released on May 24, failed to attract enough viewers to top the list, fans seem to recognize the work done after its completion. It is the story of a virtuous detective, Jang Jae-kyeong, played by Ji-sung, who, after taking drugs and after the death of one of his friends, investigates a 20-year-old friendship. years. Oh Yoon-jin, played by Jeon Mi-do, is an outspoken journalist who, in search of her next article, finds herself mixed up with Jae-kyeong.

“Midnight Romance in Hagwon,” on the other hand, is a romantic drama set in a hagwon, a private cramming school. Wi Ha-joon plays the character of Lee Joon-ho, who retires from his company to come sign up as an instructor at his old academy and all for his first love, a teacher at the academy. Seo Hye-jin, played by Jung Ryeo-won, is Joon-ho’s first love. It is then when she begins to feel good in her life that Joon-ho, her former student, appears to add a little spice to the story.

These two new Kdramas occupy the first places in the ranking of Kdramas and K-Selection actors

What other dramas and actors have been selected?

In the ranking of k-dramas, we find “My sweet Mobster” in third position, with its actors, Han Sun-hwa and Tae-goo, ranked in 5th and 6th position respectively. “Miss Night and Day” reached fourth place, followed by Player 2: Master of Swindlers, Bitter Sweet, Crash, Beauty and Mr. Romantic, Missing Crown Pince, Su Ji and U.Ri.

In the actor rankings, we find Jeong Eun Ji, who debuted in “Miss Night and Day,” in fifth place. Han Sun Hwa and Tae-goo of “My Sweet Mobster” are followed by Lee Jung_Eun of “Miss Night and Day” in 7th place, then Kim Hee-sun of “Bitter Sweet Hell” in 8th place and Choi Jin-hyuk from “Miss Night and Day” to 9th place.

Connection and The Midnight Romance in Hagwon have found a place in the hearts of fans after the dramas “Queen of Tears” and “Lovely Runner”.

These two new Kdramas occupy the first places in the ranking of Kdramas and K-Selection actors

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