The Opera of Love (2024)

Phlengrak is the cherished son of the Phleng Phin Isan Lamsing mor lam troupe. Fate leads him to fall for Janphen, the daughter of the likay troupe Phet Jaras Fah’s owner. He’s faced with a serious obstacle, however, because Janphen’s father Thuaithep loathes mor lam due to his painful history with mor lam singer Kesorn. As a result, he’s completely forbidden everyone in the likay troupe from getting involved with mor lam artists.

(Source: Thai = TrueID)

Episodes: 15

Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Also Known As:
ลิเกหมอลำ ; Likay Mor Lam , Like Mo Lam
Director: Eed Ron Banjongsang [รอน บรรจงสร้าง]
Original Network:
GMM One;


Status: Ongoing
Airs: 2024

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