The director of “The Midnight Studio” has spilled the beans on what’s in store for viewers in the last three episodes!

“The Midnight Studio” is a drama about a professional photo studio that exists only for the deceased. Joo Won stars as Seo Ki Joo, the prickly photographer who runs the studio, while Kwon Nara plays passionate lawyer Han Bom, who winds up offering legal advice to the ghosts that visit the studio.

As we edge closer to the grand finale, director Song Hyun Wook hinted that the remaining three episodes will be the most entertaining yet, bringing the most dramatic plot twists of the entire series.


The director particularly picked the final photo of Han Bom and her grandmother So Geum Soon (Kim Young Ok) in Episode 4 as his most memorable scene from the entire series. He remarked, “The heartfelt performances and commitment shown by Kwon Nara and Kim Young Ok as they approach their inevitable parting, coupled with the poignant expressions of Joo Won, Yoo In Soo, and Eum Moon Suk while capturing their final photograph, remain vivid in my memory. Their performances were so wonderful that I can’t forget them.”

Director Song also emphasized that the primary focus of the upcoming three episodes lies in whether Seo Ki Joo can break his family’s century-old curse and find happiness with Han Bom. The series has hinted at Seo Ki Joo facing significant trials and betrayals.

One of the most notable hints was provided in the preview for Episode 14, where the previously thought-to-be-gone evil spirit reappears, and Baek Nam Goo (Eum Moon Suk) transforms into an evil spirit, attacking Seo Ki Joo. Additionally, pre-released footage revealed that Kijoo’s fate has been transferred to Han Bom. The struggle of Seo Ki Joo and Han Bom against the persistent curse is anticipated to be the focal point of the remaining storyline.

The culmination of Assistant Manager Ko (Yoo In Soo) and Baek Nam Goo’s story is yet another compelling aspect to watch. Assistant Manager Ko finally breaks free from his single status after a successful first date with Kim Ji Won (Lee Bom So Ri). However, there is a complex romance between the living and the dead, and the longer a ghost wanders, the higher the chance of them turning into an evil spirit.

Director Song commented, “Their future relationship, how long Assistant Manager Ko can stay by Ji Won’s side, and whether Ji Won’s cancer will worsen are all key points in their story to come.”

On the other hand, Baek Nam Goo is preparing to depart from this world. He has come to realize that his beloved wife Jin Na Rae (Han Groo), suffered from loneliness and struggled while he was occupied with work throughout their marriage. Despite marrying her with the intention of bringing her happiness, he now acknowledges that his constant absence left her waiting and feeling isolated. Consequently, he has resolved to bid farewell to this world.

The director teased, “How will Nam Goo say goodbye to his wife? Will he be able to take the last picture and depart safely as he desires?” Additionally, he revealed, “An unforgettable scene involving Nam Goo will unfold in Episode 14, airing today on April 29. Stay tuned for it. We’ve been working on the post-production even until recently to enhance the quality until the final episode.”

Episode 14 of “The Midnight Studio” will air on April 29 at 10 p.m. KST.

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