Rou Jia took her things to visit the Queen Mother. The father-in-law in charge told her about the quarrel between Liu Yan and Liu Chen. Rou Jia felt that Liu Yan was too disrespectful to Liu Chen. Rou Jia came to find Shen Jinghong again. She asked how she had offended him and made him drink and play chess alone without paying attention to her. Roujia asked him if he was like this just because he took advantage of Mu Zhuohua, and was Mu Zhuohua more important than himself in his heart. Shen Jinghong asked her how far she wanted to go and how she would do whatever it took for her position as emperor. Rou Jia told him that her game of chess was coming to an end and asked him if he would help her finish the game. Shen Jinghong rejected her.

    Roujia refused to give up. She told Shen Jinghong that sooner or later he would understand that his choice was right. Roujia was afraid that the ministers would not want to help her willingly, so she gave them a meeting gift. She gave them some letters and asked them to submit them to the court, so that the stumbling blocks that hindered their prosperity and wealth in the future would disappear. . Liu Yan started to cough again. Mu Zhuohua asked him why he was like this. Liu Yan thought he might have been angry after a quarrel with Liu Chen. Mu Zhuohua told him that Liu Chen’s status was different from before. He might have been He was under too much pressure to argue with him like this. Maybe it would be better for him to communicate with Liu Chen in another way.

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    Liu Yan asked Mu Zhuohua what she would do if he was no longer there. Mu Zhuohua told him that he would find a young and handsome man to hang out in front of his grave every day. Liu Yan told her that she still had a long life, and she would live well even if she was gone. In the morning, many ministers began to sue the king. Some of them accused him of killing innocent people indiscriminately, and some accused him of abusing his military power. Liu Chen was very angry when he heard this. When Mu Zhuohua saw this, he quickly stepped forward to explain and excuse him. Lord Zhou heard what Mu Zhuohua said, and he presented the palace entry record on the day the late emperor passed away. He told Liu Chen that Liu Yan had sent troops into the palace when the late emperor passed away, and that it was time to change the records.

    Liu Chen was furious after hearing this. He asked the imperial guards to put Liu Yan into a prison and await punishment. The Imperial Guards brought people to Liu Yan’s house. Zhi Jian and Zhi Mo wanted to watch them, but Liu Yan told them not to act rashly and left with them. Mu Zhuohua quickly ran to the palace, but it was still a step too late. Liu Yan had already been taken away. She told Zhi Jian and Zhi Mo that they should not act rashly at this time and that they would help Liu Yan clear his grievances. Rou Jia told her great aunt Nan Chen that things were about to change. The great aunt was still persuading her to stop, but it was too late to turn around now, but Rou Jia asked her great aunt to give her the Evil Killing Sword.

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    Seeing that the emperor’s aunt was unwilling, Roujia told her that she could still walk the path of a king even without the Evil-Zhusking Sword. The ministers in the main hall asked Liu Chen to execute Liu Yan, and Rou Jia told them not to take it lightly until the last moment. Liu Chen asked his slave to bring the evidence presented by the ministers to Liu Yan for him to explain. Liu Yan told the slave that since Liu Chen already believed it, there was no use in defending himself. Liu Chen was even more angry when he found out. He felt that Liu Yan didn’t take him seriously at all. Mu Zhuohua told Liu Chen about Roujia’s crime, but Liu Chen didn’t believe it. He felt that Mu Zhuohua was so courageous that he dared to frame his own imperial sister. He asked Mu Zhuohua what evidence he could produce, and Mu Zhuohua I know I am speechless without her.

    Mu Zhuohua found He Xin, and she told him that only Princess Zhenguo’s evil-killing sword might be able to give Liu Yan a chance of survival. The eldest princess of Zhenguo was in the foreign princess’s mansion at this time, and they had no choice. Mu Zhuohua thought of a way. Rou Jia told Mr. Zhou that this was not enough. Liu Chen had not yet made up his mind to kill Liu Yan, and there were still people who wanted to rescue him. Liu Yan’s soldiers learned that he was imprisoned in the sky prison, and they decided to rush into Dingjing and rescue Liu Yan. Liu Chen was very angry when he found out and became even more furious under the instigation of the ministers. Shen Jinghong asked Liu Yan to come forward to appease the soldiers. Liu Yan went out and told all the soldiers that they wanted to protect the people and Nan Chen. If they still recognized him, they would protect Nan Chen for her.

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