Liu Chen held a banquet in the palace to celebrate the festival and to thank the ministers. Liu Chen raised his glass and toasted Liu Yan. He turned his head and his eyes couldn’t help but rest on Mu Zhuohua. The steward around him reminded him that it was time to toast the Queen Mother. Liu Chen was upset and had to deal with those Yingying Yanyan again. Although he was extremely reluctant, he still went. The Queen Mother asked him to choose a woman, but Liu Chen thought of Mu Zhuohua. Princess Roujia saw that his heart belonged to Mu Zhuohua. She asked Liu Chen if he had a sweetheart, but Liu Chen denied her. When he was about to leave, Ye Muzhen called him and insisted on toasting him. Seeing that he could not escape, Liu Chen had no choice but to drink and leave.

    Mu Zhuohua was deliberately knocked over by the maid and her clothes got wet. The maid asked her to go to the Nuan Pavilion to rest for a while while she went to get her clothes. Mu Zhuohua didn’t know that he had fallen into someone else’s trap. Liu Chen drank the wine given by Ye Muzhen and staggered around. He happened to see Mu Zhuohua walking towards her. When Mu Zhuohua saw that Liu Chen was drunk, she quickly stepped forward to help him, but she didn’t know that Liu Chen was drugged and he could hardly control himself. When Mu Zhuohua saw this situation, he quickly opened the door and wanted to call for help, but unexpectedly the door was locked. In order to control himself, Liu Chen pricked his arm hard with a hairpin.

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    Sun Junjun found Liu Yan and told Liu Yan that if he wanted to marry Mu Zhuohua, she would be willing to be Liu Yan’s concubine. Liu Yan told her that he would not let Mu Zhuohua be wronged, and shook off Sun Junjun’s hand. The maid told the Queen Mother and Princess Roujia that a man and a woman in Nuange were having an affair. After hearing this, the Queen Mother rushed over angrily. She wanted to see who was so bold. They pushed the door open and saw Liu Chen losing his temper and throwing things. Ye Muzhen said who else dared to confront His Majesty. The Queen Mother immediately thought of Liu Yan. Princess Roujia showed a proud expression. She felt that she had succeeded. However, she didn’t know that they were deliberately showing it to her.

    Liu Yan knew that her plans failed one after another, and I was afraid that she would not give up. Liu Yan and Mu Zhuohua ate desserts and chatted together. Liu Yan felt that Mu Zhuohua was usually afraid of others knowing about their relationship. Why was he not afraid now? Mu Zhuohua felt that Liu Yan thought the same way. . The two people talked about their love to each other and were very happy. Shen Jinghong knew that Rou Jia was responsible for what happened in Nuange. Rou Jia felt that she was not wrong in doing so. She just pushed them. If they didn’t have ghosts, nothing would happen. After hearing this, Shen Jinghong turned and left. Roujia hugged him and told him not to forget their agreement.

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    Shen Jinghong wanted Rou Jia to stop. Could what they were doing now really be to make Nan Chen better? She could even use Mu Zhuohua. Roujia told him that she would not go back. She felt that Shen Jinghong was a short-sighted person, and the two finally broke up on bad terms. Ye Muzhen came out and told Roujia that she wanted Nanchen to be in chaos, and Beiliang also wanted Nanchen to be in chaos. They would just watch who would win. Mu Zhuohua asked Guo Juli to buy some festive things and clean up the yard. She wanted to give Liu Yan a title. Guo Juli started to buy a lot of things on the street, and also decorated the yard.

    Guo Juli bought two ducks. Mu Zhuohua thought she wanted to drink duck soup, but Juli told her they were bean geese. When Liu Yan wanted to go to Mu Zhuohua’s house, Mu Zhuohua kicked him out before he could enter. Liu Yan looked confused. Roujia said all kinds of bad things about Mu Zhuohua in front of Sun Junyun. Sun Junyun felt that she could not watch Liu Yan be bewitched by Mu Zhuohua. Mu Zhuohua was preparing things for her wedding when His Majesty suddenly summoned her. Someone reported in front of Liu Chen that she had a very close relationship with King Yizheng. Mu Zhuohua was speechless. She was surrounded and attacked by many censors. Zhi Jian told Liu Yan, and he rushed to rescue Mu Zhuohua. Liu Yan admitted his affair with Mu Zhuohua in front of the emperor and many censors, and said that he was Mu Zhuohua’s concubine.

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