“The Player 2: Master of Swindlers” will have a larger scale than its first season, and is preparing to hit the screens with the aim of continuing the success of tvN, which seems to be in a winning dynamic with series to hits such as “Queen of Tears” and “Marry My Husband”, which have won over audiences around the world.

Broadcast in 2018 on the cable channel OCN, the series “The Player” returns to tvN and for the second season, actors Song Seung-heon, Lee Si-eon and Tae Won-seok, who marked the first season, resume their roles. Among the actors of the new season, we will also find Oh Yeon-seo and Jang Gyu-ri.

The Kdrama “The Player” intends to continue the success of “Queen of Tears” and “Lovely Runner” K-Sélection

As a reminder, the series “The Player” tells the story of Kang Ha-ri (played by Song), an experienced conman who collaborates with his team of experts to steal from wealthy people. Director So Jae-hyun, who helmed the series, said it would maintain the success tvN has seen in recent times.

Indeed, the results announced by tvN for 2024 show that the cable channel took the lead in national audiences in prime time, from January to the first week of May, thanks to its hit series “Queen of Tears” , “Marry My Husband” and “Lovely Runner”.

The second season will be larger in scope, says director So, who declared during an online press conference held on Tuesday that: “ Season 2 will differ from the first by its scope. The series will be larger in scope than before and we have also focused more on character development. Since our move from OCN to tvN, we’ve made the series funnier and more exciting

He also added that this time, the characters will have different motivations. » If in season 1, Kang Ha-ri’s destiny was turned upside down by the unjust death of his father whom he considered a model, a tragedy which pushed him to take revenge, in season 2 on the other hand the characters will unite and act for a different cause “Song said.

The Kdrama “The Player” intends to continue the success of “Queen of Tears” and “Lovely Runner” K-Sélection

Lee Si-eon, who plays Im Byeong-min, a hacking expert, hinted that the drama plans to produce in the long term for up to five seasons and will aim to ensure a lasting impact, like the successful detective series “The Roundup”, for which four other sequels are planned.

The first episode of “The Player 2: Master of Swindlers” will air on tvN at 20:50 p.m. next Monday.