The hit Korean drama series “SKY Castle” will see a Japanese adaptation whose casting has just been finalized, and filming has started. This new version, produced by the main Japanese private television channel TV Asahi, will see its first episode broadcast in July.

This adaptation marks the first collaboration after the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between SLL and TV Asahi on May 17, aiming for mutual cooperation in the field of audiovisual content. This agreement represents a significant step forward towards the joint planning and development of competitive content for the global market.

The Kdrama “SKY Castle” will be adapted for Japan and will arrive next month K-Sélection

A tailor-made adaptation for the Japanese audience

While the Korean original focused on the intense and often invisible battles for college entrance, the Japanese version will center on the high school admissions process. This approach will highlight the harsher reality and greater parental involvement in Japanese school admissions, providing a unique perspective that will distinguish this adaptation from the original.

The Kdrama “SKY Castle” will be adapted for Japan and will arrive next month K-Sélection

A prestigious casting for an anticipated series

The main cast of the Japanese version has been partially revealed. Matsushita Nao, known for her roles in popular dramas like “GEGEGE no Nyobo” and “Get Ready!” “, will play the role of Han Seo-jin (originally played by Yum Jung-ah). Kimura Fumino, having shown a stable performance in various works such as “7 Secretaries” and “Mother Game”, will play Lee Soo-im (originally played by Lee Tae-ran). Higa Manami, known for her participation in dramas like “The Detective and The Prosecutor”, will play No Seung-hye (originally played by Yoon Se-ah). Takahashi Maryjun, active in various fields including dramas like “Oh My Boss!” Love is a Separate Volume” and the film “Stolen Identity”, will star Jin Jin-hee (originally played by Oh Na-ra). The role of Kim Joo-young (originally played by Kim Seo-hyung) will be taken over by Koyuki, known for her participation in dramas and films such as “Kimi wa Petto”, “Boku to Kanojo to Kanojo no Ikiru Michi » and “Always: Sunset on Third Street”.

A promising collaboration for the future

Park Jun-seo, Director of Production at SLL, said: “We are delighted to announce this significant collaboration following our partnership with TV Asahi. Starting with the remake of ‘SKY Castle’, we will continue to plan, develop and produce competitive works for the global market. »

The “SKY Castle” phenomenon

sky castle

As a reminder, “SKY Castle” is a drama that explores the desperate desires of prestigious families living in the elite society of the 0,1%, aiming to raise their husbands as kings and their children as the best princes and princesses in the prestigious ” SKY Castle.” The series caused a real “SKY Castle syndrome” in Korea, recording a non-terrestrial audience rate of 23,8% during its national broadcast.

With this Japanese adaptation, expectations are high to see how the series will captivate a new audience while retaining the essence of what made the Korean original successful.

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