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The Impossible Heir finale opens with Han Tae Oh (played by Lee Jae Wook) grieving his mother. He receives a letter his mom left asking him to let go of the past and start anew. He reflects on his journey and promises unconscious Chairman Kang Joong Mo that he will protect the Kang conglomerate.

Meanwhile, Kang Sung Ju (Lee Ji Hoon) confronts his imprisoned mother about her greed, which caused him a lifetime of misery. Park Sa Jin also receives a call from his prison doctor daughter, Park Jin Gyeong.

At the shareholders’ meeting, Kang In Ha (Lee Jun Young) is arrested for the murders of Kang In Ju (Han Sang Jin) and Mo Gi Jun (Kwon Hyuk). Jin Gyeong reveals how In Ju’s actions drove her to drug addiction, prompting Park Sajin to seek justice.

Prosecutor Ha Myung Jun confronts In Ha, and In Ha believes he’ll escape due to lack of evidence. However, Myung Jun brings in Mo Gi Jun alive and sound and plays an audio tape indicating that In Ha murdered his step-brother In Ju and let Gi Jun take the fall for it. The following day, prosecutors raid In Ha’s office, and Joong Mo orders In Ha’s last name to be changed from Kang to Baek, to where he previously belonged.

In court, In Ha remains silent and receives a life sentence. During their final meeting, Tae Oh and In Ha share a tense silence before Tae Oh leaves with a graduation photo. Kang Hee Joo (Choi Hee Jin) leaves for an extended vacation, and Na Hye Won (Hong Suzu) works for the President.

While discussing their future, Tae Oh learns Hye Won prioritizes self-discovery. Back in prison, In Ha commits suicide.

Three years later, Kang Sung Ju becomes CEO with Tae Oh’s help. As per the chairman’s wish, Tae Oh becomes the new Kang Oh Group’s Chairman.

The finale concludes with Tae Oh visiting In Ha’s grave and receiving a message from a vacationing Hee Joo.

Other characters also find closure. As fireworks light up the sky, Tae Oh and Hye Won witness their dream of reaching the top come true, tinged with the sacrifices they made along the way.

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