Directed by directors Kim Hee-won and Jang Young-woo and written by screenwriter Park Ji-eun, the final episode of Queen of Tears was released globally by Netflix on April 28, 2024. With a note of optimism and an ending happy for the protagonists Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in, the romantic and comedy series of 2024 thus delights K-drama fans because in fact, the couple having survived the obstacles, they lived happily until the end of time.

The Queen of Tears series tells the love story of Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in, who rekindle their faded love after facing difficulties. After three years of marriage, Hyun-woo wants to divorce Hae-in, who suffers from a rare illness that gives her only three months to live. Circumstances being difficult, the couple eventually found each other.

In Queen of Tears, we find Kim Soo-hyun (as Baek Hyun-woo), Kim Ji-won (as Hong Hae-in), Park Sung-hoon (as Yoon Eunsung), Kwak Dong-yeon (as Hong Soo-cheol), and Lee Joo-bin (as Cheon Da-hye).

Kim Soo-hyun in Queens of tears

Hyun-woo and Hae-in from Queen of Tears have a baby girl and live happily until 2074.

The beginning of episode 16 of Queen of Tears is marked by the scene where Eun-seong runs over Hyun-woo with his car and kidnaps Hae-in at the same time. A little later, upon arriving at the scene, an ambulance and the police found someone else in Eun-seong’s car and immediately took Hyun-woo to the hospital, where he remembered about the time he proposed to Hae-in at the aquarium. For their part, Hyun-woo’s parents go to the hospital. When Hae-in wakes up, she goes to Eun-seong to ask for an explanation. Realizing that some time has passed, she approaches him while apologizing for joining Hyun-woo and agrees to leave South Korea with him on a helicopter in the evening.

Meanwhile, an injured Hyun-woo leaves the hospital and hatches a plan with his friend Yang-gi to protect Hae-in from Eun-seong. He then asks Grace to make Seul-hee believe that Eun-seong will not succeed in taking control of the Queens Group and thus discovers that he has converted the slush fund into dollars. The two go to the house where Hae-in was captured and emotionally confide in each other about the lead actor’s deteriorating health. Once Hyun-woo arrived there, the housekeeper gave him the secret key to access the back door. Meanwhile, Seul-hee arrives at Eun-seong’s house, where the duo talks about the past and how the latter caused an accident that led to the loss of Hae-in’s older brother Su-wan. That’s when Hae-in shockingly overhears their conversation, leaving Seul-hee feeling like someone was listening.

The end of Netflix's Queen of Tears: Do Hyun-woo and Hae-in experience eternal happiness? K-Selection

As they approached where Hae-in was, the electricity went out and Hyun-woo arrived. That’s when he takes the young woman outside and asks her to leave with Yang-gi, which Hae-in refuses while insisting that they must run away together. At the same time, the police arrive on the scene, and seeing the couple fleeing, Eun-seong chases after them with his gun in Queen of Tears. The three protagonists then meet at the scene, where Eun-seong asks Hae-in to come to him, which she refuses to do.

This refusal led him to shoot Hae-in but it was Hyun-woo who took the bullet to protect her. At the same time, the police opened fire on Eun-seong, leading to a tragic fate. Meanwhile, Queen of Tears’ Seon-hwa and Beom-jun were looking at Hae-in’s childhood photos when they realized that Hyun-woo was the one who saved their daughter during an accident at the beach. .

Finally finding the slush fund, Seul-hee prepares to transfer it wherever she wants. It was then that the police informed her and so she proceeded to cremate her son’s body and then began to develop plans to become the president of the Queens Group.

The end of Netflix's Queen of Tears: Do Hyun-woo and Hae-in experience eternal happiness? K-Selection

After Hyun-woo’s hospitalization, the arrival of Hae-in and Hyun-woo’s parents made the young woman break down. For his part, Seon-hwa recalls Hyun-woo and Hae-in’s fate since childhood, when Hyun-woo saved his daughter with Beong-ae. Pleading with Hyun-woo to wake up, Hae-in continued to talk to him about different things while he was unconscious. It is then that the latter regains consciousness, thus bringing joy to the whole family in Queen of Tears. As for Beom-seok, Beom-ja and Beom-jun, they finally go to their father Man-dae’s grave and vow to get their belongings back with Hyun-woo’s help. At the same time, Cheon Da-hye pushes Grace to reveal the actions she committed with Seul-hee to face the consequences.

Hyun-woo later won the case in court by providing strong evidence during the hearing that Seul-hee drugged Man-dae and then killed him, as well as her fraudulent crimes, and how she unjustly gained power within the Queens Group. Da-hye, Grace, and Hong Hae-in also testified about Seul-hee’s crime in court, leading to her immediate arrest under the pretext that she used to run away in Queen of Tears after committing a crime, before being thrown in prison.

The end of Netflix's Queen of Tears: Do Hyun-woo and Hae-in experience eternal happiness? K-Selection

While Hae-in’s family finally gets their Queens Group back while moving on with their lives, Soo-cheol spends time with her son Geon-U and Young-song finally expresses her desire to start a new relationship with Beom-ja. For their part, Mi-sun’s parents give her a ticket to the United States, which makes her very emotional after telling her that her husband was not having an affair in this country and that she absolutely had to find him .

That’s when Hae-in remembers the times she lost her baby to miscarriage and the difficult times she experienced with Hyunwoo. This realization led her to talk about it with him, which allowed the duo to accept their fears and insecurities. They then decided to give their relationship another chance, so Hae-in accepted Hyun-woo’s marriage proposal after some bickering in Queen of Tears.

While Soo-cheol and Geon-u welcome Da-hye, released from prison after serving her sentence, they reunite as a family with Grace, who is also released from prison. While Grace was walking, Soo-cheol asked her to come home as Seon-hwa invited her to dinner, so she happily left with Soo-cheol, Geon-u, and Da-hye. As for Beom-ja and Yeong-song, their relationship also took a new step as the latter finally kissed her on the cheeks. For their part, Beom-jun, Seon-hwa, Du-gwan and Bong-ae build memories by spending more time with each other.

The couple Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in from “Queen of Tears” a story of an unprecedented destiny

After having a baby girl, Hae-in and Hyun-woo traveled to Germany, their favorite place.

Bringing flowers and placing them on Hae-in’s grave, while removing the dust, the end of the series is marked by old Hyun-woo’s visit to Hae-in’s grave, built in Germany in 2074 The date in the engraving is April 7, 2074, implying that the two spent most of their lives together before Hae-in left this earth. During this scene, young Hyun-woo is seen looking at Haein in a field of flowers, where the duo stare at each other with loving gazes, as if they had never left each other’s side and had spent a lifetime filled with memories happy. The image also implies that after Hae-in left this earth, Hyun-woo followed her to heaven so that she would not be alone and worried.

All 16 episodes of the Kdrama Queen of Tears are available for streaming on Netflix and TVING.