Wondering which BL is coming in April? Check out the list below!

  • April 1 | Love is Like a Cat (South Korea/Thailand)
Love Is Like A Cat

Even though famous Thai singer Piuno doesn’t like dogs at all due to childhood trauma, he ends up participating in a reality show set in an animal cafe in Korea, which gives him helps improve its image among the public. It’s there that he meets the stern director of the doggie daycare, Lee Dae Byeol, whose first impression is not the most pleasant. Dramatic events occur, however, and gradually their relationship transforms into something else.

You can watch ‘Love Is Like A Cat’ on GagaOOLala and Viki.

  • April 3 | We Are (Thailand)
  • bl We Are
  • It is the beginning of the turbulent story of a group of college friends and their complicated college lives in a chaotic mix filled with relentless romance.

  • April 6 | Memory in the Letter (Thailand)

The BL series of April 2024 K-Sélection

Online novel readers are once fascinated by the story of two people from two different worlds who meet through a mirror, but it turns out that the mirror is based on Aksorn’s life. The question is who is writing this story. How does the author know Aksorn’s personal history? This is the only clue that could allow him to find the memories of the man from another parallel world. Discover the love story of two people across two different worlds and the miracles that result.

  • April 8 | Tadaima, Okaeri – Omegaverse Anime (Japan)
The BL series of April 2024 K-Sélection

Masaki’s life is that of a housewife at the Fujiyoshi family, with Hiromu, her model husband and breadwinner, and their two-year-old daughter named Hikari, who is so cute as can be. The support of his family in everyday life allows Masaki to accept himself as he is. This family BL pits the perfect gentleman against a masculine beauty who feels out of place. It’s about facing the good times and the bad, so that you can be better today than you were yesterday.

  • April 11 | Living with Him (Japan)
The BL series of April 2024 K-Sélection

Upon entering university, Ryota Natsukawa suddenly realizes that his childhood friend, Kazuhito Tanaka, will be his roommate. The latter may have a perfect appearance, but he does not have a girlfriend and curious to know the reason, Ryota offers to go out with him to try to understand why women are not interested in Kazuhito. But as Ryota gets to know Kazuhito better, their relationship changes. The question is, will they just remain friends? Or will their relationship grow?

  • April 11 – Gray Shelter (South Korea)
The BL series of April 2024 K-Sélection
  • Soohyuk, with no ambition other than to survive, finds his friend Yoondae, who has nowhere to go. The two end up living together; will this cohabitation create sparks?
  • April 18 | At 25:00, in Akasaka (Japan)
The BL series of April 2024 K-Sélection

As a beginning actor, Yuki Shirosaki tries his luck at an audition and gets a role in a BL series alongside Asami Hayama, an older and popular actor. Shirosaki being faced with the pressure of his first major role, Hayama suggests that they begin a “relationship for the sake of their roles” until the end of filming. But their off-screen pseudo-romantic relationship leads to a moving and wonderfully crafted love story that highlights the complexity of relationships within the entertainment industry and between actors.

You can watch ‘At 25:00, in Akasaka’ on GagaOOLala.

  • April 18 | Boys Be Brave (South Korea)
New Korean BL 'Boys Be Brave' Unveils New Poster Starring Jung Yeo Jun and Ahn Se Min

We witness the story of Jin Woo who develops romantic feelings for his friend Ki Sub whom he lets temporarily settle on his couch. In fact, they become roommates after several months. Jin Woo tries to hide his romantic feelings for his friend while dealing with his friend’s laid-back nature.

  • April 26 | My Stand-In (Thailand)
The BL series of April 2024 K-Sélection

It is purely by chance that young Joe, a stuntman working for Tong, a famous young actor, meets Ming. Despite their deep relationship, Joe is unaware that Ming has always seen him as Tong’s replacement. Unfortunately, the truth comes to light when Joe has to work on the set of a foreign film and an accident costs him his life. When he wakes up, Joe wakes up in the body of a young boy named Joe who had an accident the same day and it is his mother who takes care of him with the help of Wut. Joe then finds the same life as before, with the same people, and meets Ming again. In this life, Ming wanted Joe to return to his side, like before. He tries to discover the secret of Joe’s survival, to bring him back to his side and to tell him the reason why he didn’t have the chance to do so before it was too late…

  • April X | Whisper Me A Love Song – GL (Japan)
The BL series of April 2024 K-Sélection

In the first year of high school, the energetic and bubbly Himari falls in love with her senpai Yori after hearing her music group on the first day of school. Despite Himari telling Yori that she loves him, and much to her surprise, Yori responding the same, Himari realizes that she and her senpai feel two different types of love and begins to asking questions about what “love” really means.

  • April – Zettai BL ni Naru Sekai VS Zettai BL ni Naritakunai Otoko 2024/ A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2024 (Japan)
The BL series of April 2024 K-Sélection

Mob realizes that he is trapped in a world straight out of a male romance comic book, complete with typical love story scenes. He therefore tries to keep a low profile so as not to find himself at the center of attention and remain a background character. Either way, the feelings and comedy heat up in this sequel! In a BL world surrounded by extremely attractive men, will Mobu be able to prevent B from becoming L? It will feature the main cast, with Inukai as Mob, who fends off the advances of handsome men throwing “BL love flags”, Yutaro’s character will return as his younger brother, Ayato, while Akihisa Shiono will play Tojo, Ayato’s lover. As for Asahi Ito, he will return in the role of Kikuchi, a student who has a crush on Mob.

Which BL do you want to watch?